[Archive] Chinese lion riders and Minotaur


Thought these looked cool chinese lions and riders

and chinese minotaur

hope you like them i think there awesome even if not chaos dwarfs:hat


Those are awesome!!! Especially like the minotaur, who makes them and are they available in the U.S.?


There on the magistermilitum site under chinese fantsy 25mm they despatch worldwide.The figures are all amazing especially the heros and wizards:hat


I’m not a fan of the minotaur, but I like the lions.

Pyro Stick:

Could you post alink to their site. I would like to check out some of their minis


Interesting stuff. :slight_smile:


Hi sorry i dont know how to post a link http://www.magistermilitum.com/

is that any good :hat

Perhaps i do