[Archive] Choas Dwarf List - 2250pts


Choas Dwarf Army List - 2250pts


1x CD Lord

+ Black Hammer of Hashut

+ Armour of the Furnace - 195pts

1x CD Sorceror

+ LV2 Upgrade

+ Dispel Scroll - 125pts

1x CD Sorceror

+ LV2 Upgrade

+ Dispel Scroll - 125pts

1x CD Sorceror

+ LV2 Upgrade

+ Dispel Scroll - 125pts


(1) 20 CD Warriors

+ Great Axe

+ Full Command - 250pts

(2) 15 CD Blunderbusses

+ Musician -190pts

(3) 15 CD Blunderbusses

+ Musician -190pts

(4) 15 CD Blunderbusses

+ Musician -190pts

(5) 10 Hobgoblins + Bows - 50pts

(6) 10 Hobgoblins + Bows - 50pts

(7) 10 Hobgoblins + Shields - 30pts

(8) 10 Hobgoblins + Shields - 30pts

(9) 10 Hobgoblin Wolfriders

+ Bows

+ Musician - 150pts

(10) 10 Hobgoblin Wolfriders

+ Bows

+ Musician - 150pts


(1) 2 Hobgoblin Bollthrowers - 60pts

(2) 2 Hobgoblin Boltthrowers - 60pts


(1) 1 Earthshaker Cannon - 110pts

(2) 6 Bull Centaurs

+ Full Command

+ Heavy Armour - 176pts

The fourth draft of my army list. It’s been awhile, so be nice :hat


really? no sneaky gits?

thats a lot of shooting. i would maybe make another warrior unit.


I would drop one unit of wolf riders, one unit of hobgoblins and one unit of hobgoblins with bows and take another CD unit with full command and maybe drop a musician from a unit so that you can add in a war banner for the bull centaurs but that only me :slight_smile:


you would probably do with just 2 dispel scrolls too?


If the 10 strong Hobgob+shield units are just for baiting do they really need shields?


I would drop the two units of Hobgobs with shields and a blunderbuss unit for a 2nd warrior block with full command.

I’d probably a unit of hobgoblin bows and a bolthrower for a unit of 20 Hobgoblins with light armor and shields. You’d be surprised how they can be a nice cheap tarpit unit that way. Especially if in rang of the general!

Even with the remaing 4 warmachines you might be a bit hardpressed to place them well if you don’t get a hill in the deployment zone.

Blunderboss rock and can violate units, but they’re still fairly short range. So relying on them so heavily can dramatically backfire, plus opponents will not react happily to three units of them!

You need a couple solid infantry blocks… the Blunderbuss and shooting/magic break up the units as they come in… and the warriors present a rock for the enemy wave of troops (now weakened) to crash upon. Two units of each is fairly optimal as you can create a NICE crossifre in front of the warrior units… possibly bolstered by warmachines.

Also do not discount the death rocket. A lot of people look down on it, but I think it severely underestimated. The ability to do so many hits to a unit (even if only one or two deep)… 1/3 of the time being a direct hit and often only drifting a little… makes it more reliable than bolt throwers. Plus 1/3 of misfires not actually damaging the machine… you’re likely to have an effective machine the whole game. Plus when it ‘misses’ it might hit something else of the opponents.

Three scrolls is a bit much when you have 5 DD. I’d swap a scroll out for a warbanner on the GW unit. With lower armor they’re be killed a bit more often, so even just +1 to the CR consistently will make up for that.