[Archive] Christmas in November!


Christmas is pretty early this year

Today the post woman came to me and brought a big box full of big hats to me!YAY!:slight_smile:

the box included:

15 old black orcs

1 great taurus

1 lammasu

2 earth shaker

1 death rocket

2 dwarf bolt throwers (no crew)

26 blunderbusses

9 bullcentaurs

20 chaos dwarfs

2 standard bearers

2 musicians

2 unit champions

ans 1 hero

What a great day,also if the weather in my hometown sucks

pics later today



Merry christmas Hazkar! :wink:

Great present - I wish you a great painting time! :cheers



Excellent present. Christmas came early this year too thanks to my new X-box 360. (my old one didn’t work that well)


merry christmas

I want some of those for presents too :stuck_out_tongue:


thank you guys :hat off

like promissed here are the pics of the present from me to me:

here is the box

and the whole army

the paint in the back wasn´t included;)

the black orcs(can anybody tell me how old they are:s)

little close up of the command unit

my earth shakers

the other war machines(death rocket and bolt throwers)

the lammasu(now i have two of them :slight_smile: )

and lots of chaos dwarfs,blunderbusses and bull centaurs

i also have an extra lord for the taurus,2 blunderbusses, 1 bull centaur, 1 normal cd and a full command unit for normal cd that i bought some time ago

so now i have a nice little big hat army to worship hashut

now its time to strip the minis and repaint them…a lot to do,so where are my brushes? hmmm…:~


No expert but the black orcs look old than 7th and 6th edition so maybe 5th or lower. And congrats once again.


They are not Black Orcs, if I remember correct they are old big 'uns… I remember haveing a unit of these in 97-98 or so. Dont know what edition it was then.

Kera foehunter:

Wow !!what a great deal Hazkar i see you where on Santa Good list!

so i bet you can’t wait till Chirstmas in December


thx tjub,that explains,why i found no pics of them on the internet

@kera: of course i´m on the good list…i ate all my vegetables,helped old ladies to cross the streets and worshiped hashut a lot.
oh,i can wait,dont think there will be any present that will beat this…except a second and bigger big hat army.but i wouldnt count on that


Despite the fact of hats, awesomesauce. Now get painting and playing.



You bought the minis of Rasta_man?


that’s a great army you bought. i wish i had a christmas like that (even though here in holland we don’t do christmass in the same way as you would :slight_smile: )


Cool, a new big hatter! Now move your butt, strip them an paint! Hashut is a not the kind of god that like you rest and enjoy your minis… :wink:

Border Reiver:

I’m more jealous now…


thank you guys,i´ll paint them as soon as i can

@glorin:yes i did,thanks for telling me he´s selling it

Kera foehunter:

yea, thanks alot !! glorin !!!* Kera starts crying*

thanks a l o t !!! * Sniff sniff wipes away the Tears *



Kera I like your sarcasm! :hat off

Really exhilarating! :~




dare i ask how much it cost?


all in all 360�,� with shipping

think thats a good price for all this old mini


today i stripped nearly the complete army…when i find a nice paint sceme i can start

any ideas?