[Archive] Chronicles of the Dragon Isles


I have located my CD clan(s) in the Dragon Isles. The following is the background to their story which I will develop when I get time.


Chronicles of the Dragon Isles

The power of the Chaos Dwarf empire has waxed and waned over the 5000 years since the founding of the fortress of ZharrNaggrund on the edge of the Great Plain of Zharr. At times, this power has extended across the entire Dark Lands, from the Mountains of Mourn in the East, to the World’s Edge Mountains in the West - from the Sea of Chaos in the North to the shores of the Sea of Dread to the South.

The hegemony of ZharrNaggrund is now much reduced. The East is overrun by the growing power of the Ogre Kingdoms. Goblin wolf tribes and renegade Hobgoblin hords roam unchallenged across the wastes to the south of the Plain of Zharr. Once dominant Chaos Dwarf strongholds, from which they had exercised dominion over all they surveyed, are now outposts in hostile territory.

Caravans still travel along the road from ZharrNaggrund through the Gates of Zharr to the Tower of Gorgoth to keep the valuable mines open. But these caravans must be heavily guarded against the ever present threat of greenskin raiders.

The River Ruin remains open, its waters dominated by the Chaos Dwarf’s steam driven warships - a technology that cannot be matched by the more primitive tribes along the river banks. Down this vital highway the Demon Stump, Black Fortress and Flayed Rock are resupplied, garrisoned and maintained.

Beyond these outposts little remains of the Chaos Dwarf’s southern provinces.The Fortress of Vorag in the Plain of Bones is abandoned and ruined. The fabled southern city of the Chaos Dwarfs, once located at the beginnings of the River Ruin’s delta, has vanised into myth, all traces swept away by the constantly changing course of the river.  Its wealth cosmopolitan markets have been replaced by the stinking mud paved streets of Pig Barter.

Some of the southern trade remains. Chaos Dwarf fleets travel the river and then beyond, across the Sea of Dread to the Kingdoms of Ind and Grand Cathay. Along this route, a number of waystations had been established - sheltered ports at regular intervals where the fleet could resupply on its long journey. Many such ports have been lost, but the small town and harbour of Kattushan on the south west coast of the Dragon Isles remains.

A few Chaos Dwarf clans cling tenuously to their place on the fringes of the islands. Clan Angazagrund rules Kattushan while the highly secretive Clan Kharakrhun is located further to the east. Trade is the lifeblood the these clans - the trading fleets from  ZharrNaggrund  eagerly awaited, while expeditions into the hinterland of the Dragon Isles produces a valuable sideline in exotic animal and monsters destined for the entertainment of the population of the far distant capital.

It is about these clans, their struggle to survive, their relations with ZharrNaggrund, and with the Kingdoms of Ind and the lands of the undead to the west, that these chronicals are about.



This seems very interesting, I can’t wait for you to post more of the story. :>