[Archive] Cinderbreath assembly issues


Hey Guys,

I recently got around to working on my Drazhoath model after having it sitting in a bag for a few months. After cleaning off a hefty portion of redundant resin (oh my god theres a lot!) i noticed that the legs and head didnt sit properly in the nests on the body part. After some experiementation with bluetack it seems impossible to get it to sit without some rather large gaps between the two pieces.

Is this to be expected from forgeworld models? I dont mind having to fix it up but im woefully inexperienced with fix jobs like this. I’ve procured some green stuff (solid & liquid) and wondered if anyone had any advice for what im about to do.

Should I line the head with solid greenstuff before nesting it onto the body and then fill up the gaps with liquid stuff? Perhaps you guys know of another tried and tested method?

ANY advice would be very welcome!

Pics below…

Pic #1

Pic #2


This kind of malfunction is frecuently in big miniatures, FW, GW or anyelse.

I would simply glue the pieces and later fill the gaps with green stuff. Take advantage of this to model details and convert a little your bull:cheers


Yeah I had same problem think its the same with every model.


I too had this issue with my cinderbreath model. I personally pinned the head in place and then used greenstuff to fill the gaps.


Cheers for the responses guys, good to know its not just mine thats a bit screwed.

Any real suggestions for how to progress with the greenstuff work? I’ve not done any in the past and am slightly scared of it…


Mines the same. The head fits in neatly on one side, but not the other.

I don’t know about liquid greenstuff, but for the normal greenstuff, just roll out a thin sausage of it and stick it in the gap, then carefully mold it to the shape of the head/body. Use a wet knife when you work with greenstuff, otherwise it will stick to the knife.


I’ve also had problems like this in the past and would just use a real thin rolled line of epoxy putty and push it in place and the flatten the sculpt to the contour of the model (It stinks to have to do it, but it works).

Also I’ve had decent luck with pinning the model in place sanding with ultra fine emery paper the gap line to smooth it out and even out the surfaces and as I work up a decent amount of sanding dust it often fills in the fine cracks of the gap (that is if you can even access them to sand). Then I just use a thin coat of liquid green stuff over the gap lines that are now filled in a little with the sanding debris and it works up to a pretty good cover up.

Either way it’s a decent amount of work, but I personally like putting models together almost as much if not more so then painting them, so I don’t mind.

Good luck!