[Archive] Citadel Styled Chaos Dwarf sculpt. Cast in metal


Hi all.Chaos Dwarf Sculpt. I sculpted this Chaos Dwarf to fit in with my old Citadel Chaos Dwarfs.I got him cast in white metal. I’m currently painting up a regiment. A Crossbow variant is next on the cards.




I already saw the sculpt in the introduction thread and I must say I lke the style of this chaos dwarf very much!

If you do a whole unit of them this is going to be awesome.



Thanks, I want my sculpts to match the old Citadel style Chaos Dwarfs.

I like a bit of variation within my regiments, so I’ll only add five or so to each regiment. I’m planning my own version of a Chaos Mortar and firing team. Also a crossbow variant’s on the cards.


thanks for sharing and thanks for creating them


Solid sculpt true to the 3rd edition Chaos Dwarf style. Well done on all levels!

Would you be interested in selling a few casts to others in the future? I’d be up for a couple of great axedwarfs, perhaps a handful of crossbows plus whatever else you might come up with in the future, but preferably to be bought together in bulk to save shipping. The majority of my army will be big hat/Hellcannon/Legion of Azgorh-styled, but I’d like to include a contingent of mutant and Chaos pantheist cultist Dwarfs sometime in the future, and it’s obvious your sculpt and cast has good potential.

Here are a few links in case you’re interested yourself in getting parts of your collection from modern producers of 3rd edition style Chaos Dwarfs:

The Bederken Dwergs are the ultimate Chaos mutant Dwarfs. Twisted to boot. Hasslefree has got a few Dark Dwarves. And CDO’s clam could possibly sell some of his casts (I have no idea here, but they’re certainly good enough). Also, Four A Miniatures have some evil Dwarfs, including a tower-ead parody of GW’s big hats. Finally, Avatars of War released a 32mm scale Dwarf Lord of Chaos a while back. Though the style is far from the oldschool citadel one, the miniature is obviously inspired by the “mini Chaos Warriors” CDs of 3rd edition, which Felix Paniagua hinted at in a Word of Hashut interview if I remember correctly.

Best of luck! You’re off to a good start for sure. Looking forward to see all the future units and sculpts of yours. :cheers


He could champion a unit for me. I like him!


Much appreciated guys, I’m really glad I joined this site. You guys love the Hobgoblins too.

Realistically they’re probably the only Goblinoids that Chaos Dwarfs would suffer.

I have a bit of a soft spot for Hobgoblins too, especially the old D&D styled ones.Not to mention Halflings and Gnomes too. :wink:


Pig Faced Orc


Gnome Militia