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While I may not have my first CD up and painted all the way up yet, I do have some Dwarfs done of my army and I will start showing some off at this point. CC is always welcome as I feel I have a long way to go with my painting skills. Just be rough…I mean gentle, gentle! :wink:

First up a Musician for my RR unit.

I will try to get some whole unit shots up as soon as possible.



looks like that poor chap has seen better days.

as a critique, I’d suggest using a protective coating to keep the chips and rubs down to a minimum

as to models, that’s certainly anice one… that isn’t GW though is it?


as to models, that's certainly anice one.. that isn't GW though is it?

This is an old GW model from a Regiment of Reknown - RRD7 - Prince Ulther�?Ts Imperial Dwarfs - The Dragon Company

That´s the complete unit!

I like these minis - I have them too! :P






Don’t be too hard on your painting. It’s pretty clean, and you’re skin tone and eye are good. I’d suggest using thinner coats of paint, first - and probably a thinner primer? Have you been painting the undercoat on or spraying it? It looks like the model has been repainted or the paint didn’t quite go over all of the primer. I might be off base - it just reminds me of a lot of my older stuff for which that was the case(not meant to be patronizing, everybody learns). Inks and washes are also a good way to cover up spots like that, like on his hand holding the pistol.

Anyways, not a bad paint job by any means. I’d like to see more please, as I like plain ol’ Dwarfs as much as Chaos ones. And these old marauder(?) minis are great.


I love the old dwarf models. I also have the dragon company models. They are just too awesome!


Thanks fo rthe comments everyone. They are the Dragon Company of Regiments of Renown. They came primed by one of my friends who gave them to me. He does his priming alittle different than I do and I am having a rough time adjusting to it, it seems. But with practice makes perfect as they say. No worries GRNDL some CDs are coming as well. But hey anything short with beards and likes to drink is a winner in my book!

Father Grumpmas:

Great to see the Dragon company returning.

I too have it in a box somewhere.


Heck yeah, I have an additional 10 coming my way to beef up the forces up to 27 for my army.

Kera foehunter:

Grndl That a pirate chill out!! that’s a funnel, he uses it to drink rum!!

or uses it as a beer bong