[Archive] Classic Empire Commission Pieces

Blue in VT:

Hey all!

I wanted to share some classic figures that I have been working on as part of a small commission I’m doing. These are about a third of a large mixed race empire mordhiem band from Averland…

…we’ll start on a highnote with the dwarf! And it happens to be one of the Best Dwarf Figures …EVER! a Marauder MM15 Zweihander!

And here are the rest…a halfling

An Ogre

And a couple of humans…

Thanks for looking!

I have a more detailed discussion of the figure up on my Blog if you are interested… http://bluesmarauders.blogspot.com/




I like em!

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Nice work Blue, nice work!!!

Fuggit Khan:

I love that despite the different models and mix of races, they all blend together perfectly with your color choices. They have a lovely unified but distinct look to them. Very nice :hat off


Love watching models painted by you Blue. thanx for sharing (:

Blue in VT:

Thanks alot all! I hope to be adding to this group in coming weeks.




Sweet! I always loved your style Blue! These are wonderful.

Ghrask Dragh:

Thats is a great dwarf, one of those models you want to paint just looking at it

Always liked your painting blue, looks great