[Archive] Classic OOP Chaos Dwarf army for sale!



If you want to own a piece of Games Workshop history then here is your chance! I am selling off my classic (plus a few conversions!) painted army!!!

And here is a link to my army thread:


About a 100 miniatures plus a whirlwind not shown here plus the GW army case it’s currently packed in! I’ll try to take an army pics somewhere this week.

Please do me a serious offer and we’ll talk.




You cant be serious, why didnt you came around before I started collecting them per ebay! BTW, that is a whole lot of money involved in buying about a 100 classicals. Do you have an idea what you want for them? Would sorely be tempted if I can free the budget with my wife.


Make me an offer mate! You might be surprised for what I might let it go for!!! :wink:

Besides, I rather have it go to a collector then some random someone…


pmed you!

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It saddens me that you’re selling such a lovely force. Can’t make you a reasonable offer for all of it, but if you happen to be willing to sell off bits and pieces, I’m interested in the mortar crew and Dourgrim (or 2 Dourgrims if you happen to have multiples).


Always loved those blunderbusses that you made to fit the crossbowmen.

Any chance that mold is still any good?


@Threadbare: if I can find it somehwere I’ll let you know! ^^


Hey, sorry to see your selling up. But if you end up splitting i’d be interested in your Blunders and Boar Centaur conversions :slight_smile:


At this moment the army is reserved for DAGabriel. ^^


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