[Archive] clean cut chaos dwarves


Now I know that ive been about a long time and you know this oldness leads me to one thing about the hoby and thats sceptisism these models on Ebay from this seller look a little too clean to me to be the genuine macoy

Ebay seller

anyone anyone knows ? or is this yet another bad egg reared up again ?


I’ve got some that look about the same condition, so they aren’t obvious recasts if they even are. Enough doubt to say that you’d only be able to tell if you look at them in person, but they look real enough in that picture.

Pyro Stick:

I would say they are originals but for that price they arent worth it even if they are original.


Hmmm! warhammer-Crazy??

I would say the are original. Bought a few items from that guy myself (Warhammer Quest - dwarfs) - but he sure knows what his models is worth.

He is one of those who bids on everything Chaos Dwarf - and buy them cheap and sells them … - well lets say ‘not that cheap’ :smiley:

But make the guy an offer - I did that - and got a fair price - I think.


i dont know. they look real. but he has 3 sets availible? sounds fishy to me.


nah he is legit, just pricey, he is the same as SWMNBN.

BTW if you strip painted models with nitro mors they come out very shiny. I am sure these are real but waaaaaay over priced.

If people actually pay this for metal warriors then I’m sitting on quite the nest egg!