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Whats are Malal’s colors and sacred number.


Malal’s sacred colours are black and white.

I think his sacred number is 11.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Black and white, bisected vertically.


Huh, didn’t know that. Somewhat representational of his role as a chaos god, the numbers 11 and the bisected opposite colors (actually shades, but that’s a different story). They represent his role as the opposing force of chaos, the reaction to every action. The chaos Anti-power.

Kera foehunter:

so he like the referee of the god ??? with colors of black and white


He’s a god that has an even stranger cult following amongst Warhammer players then Hashut… :wink:

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thanks a cult among warhammer player it unheard of lol


He’s the Chaos god who’s sole purpose is to interfere with the plans of the others.

Kera foehunter:

do other god have colors and numbers


The big four certainly do.


Horned Rat-13 not sure on colors but black and brown seem likely

It seems that thelvw is missing

Malal-11 Black and White

Undivided-I was told it had a number, 10 black and gold

Tzeentch-9 Blue and Yellow

Khorne-8 Red and brass

Nurgle- 7 green and I dont recall a second color

Slaanesh- 6 purple and I don’t recall a second color

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thanks wooden pickles !!! for this list


so what is hashuts number?12 would fit

or is he to cool for stuff like numbers and colors?


Well that question has popped up many times just search the forum. people have said 4 because of various reasons from bulls have 4 legs to because he is a renegade daemon prince of Khorne his sacred number is Khornes cut in half. Just what I have heard/read not exactly what I think.

Kera foehunter:

what does the number meen and why did they get numbers ???

i don’t know that 's why im asking


what does the number meen and why did they get numbers ?????
i don't know that 's why im asking

Kera foehunter
I don't really think the numbers mean anything. It is just something they thought up at some point for RPGing that's just stuck along the way. Many religions have "sacred numbers" after all.

Slaanesh six = sex, sorta works (especially in Swedish where it is the same :P)
Why Khorne is 8, when Undivided would probably work better with 8 (points of the Chaos star), I can't say.
Nurgle's 7? dunno, again 3 would almost look better as that's the number of blobs in the mark...
Tzeentch and 9? I guess because a 9 looks like a tzeentch squiggle.
Possibly it is a indication of the perceived "power rating" or DOB for the gods as well. I don't think it is ever explained. Would probably belong to the category of "ideas we made one late night in the 80's and we can't really remember why, we were pretty drunk at that time anyway" that GW has a whole bunch of.


Surely dark gods are allowed to have a few concepts the origins of which are mysterious to mortals.

The numbers for the four major Chaos gods had to be of a similar value because at one time their units were made up of that number of models. Wouldn’t really be fair to force Nurgle to run around with units of only three.


Somebody at GW probably just rolled a D10 for each God.

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Thanks snowblizz !! i learn something today yea!!!