[Archive] colossus anyone?


hey i figured someone must have seen this already but i did a search and couldn’t find anything so here it is


i dont know much about what a colossus should look like but i figure this could be a pretty good start


Kera foehunter:

i havn’t but it so cute.I might have to get one

thanks for the link abyss


If that were lifesize and you converted the crew it would be a quick Kollossus.  If its smaller than that I think it would be too small.

I think the 6th ed O&G giant would make a good basis for one (as opposed to scratch building)  If you converted the upper body into panels (thin layer of greenstuff all over with some lines cut in), added some rivets and a bull head and the upper body would be done. Legs would be harder.

The other option would be to get one of the new 40k soul grinders and paint it a suitable colour?


Xander’s is the best thus far. Great link thou.

Ghrask Dragh:

I really like this thing, looks like something straight out of the Labyrinth! (goblins on top are the best :D!)

not sure about a kollosus though, not for the 7th Ed fans anyway, if someone put this on a table opposite me though and said ‘‘I am going to use this as my Kollosus’’ I wouldn’t mind.


Ehhh, not really what I envision in my mind as a Kollosus, but it’s a really cool model anyway.


Kollossus should be mechcanical. This has a earth elemental feel to it.