[Archive] Comic book CD

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

I saw this on Warseer It’s Chaos Dwarfs and Skaven vs High Elves and Wood Elves, 2,500pts.

But the thing is,is it’s not just a battle report but a comic book look!!!


Kera foehunter:

i think servious could do a better one (if we brive him i bet!!!)


Hmmm Comic book you say?


Nice way to do a battle report :cheers

Maybe a little time consuming… :hashut

Nice to see we stand in front of new high elves as I suppose this is 7th edition… :exclamation:

Auretious Taak:

Yeah I dislike how the CD’s were in the opening frame dissed out and basically stated: ‘In the one time only they appear and they sucked’ and that blows. Yeah we need to do something like that via one of you chaps and do a solid win and post it up here and on Warseer also to prove we rock! Maybe make the comment the Aussie Masters had a CD force there yet armies such as Ogres and others weren’t even ina ppearance! :stuck_out_tongue: Nice take on the Bat rep though.



it seemed very “turn signals on a Land-raider-esque to me”.

Auretious Taak:

Except there were no FREEEEEEEEM’s going on!


By Hashut! I really do hate elves!!!

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

Thay are quite harsh to CD should of seen that sorry I haven’t even read it!