[Archive] Commission: kratos ogre


Hey guys,

Here’s a commission project I would like to have one of you partake in:


The job would be about converting an ogre into a God-of-War-like character, Kratos. This would be a small fun project to have an original Bruiser hero that I could send on his own to slaughter enemy troopers. If he’s really really bad-ass looking he could even be my Tyrant miniature even if I currently have a pro-painted tyrant miniature.

The weapons, the armor plates, the tabbard/shorts, the belt, the wrist chains, the paint job, all would really feel and look like this character, but with a fat gut, huge neck muscles and big ogre teeth (so he’d not be as lean as the reference character). On a 40mm base with a metal bruiser/tyrant-like scale (so bigger than an irongut).

Below is one kick ass reference image to Kratos, but know that he (in the video games) has access to other weapons: two handed curved sword, metal chain poi-swinging reach attacks, metal gauntlets of zeus, HUGE sword, sun shield, humongous barbarian hammer (tenderizer-like), etc.

The goal is to do a character study of the video games (see link above for the wiki), provide multiple magnetized arms for different weapon kits (two hand weapons, HW+Shield, HW+Ironfist, Two-handed weapon (tenderizer-like), whatever else they cook up in September/October for Ogre Characters…) and assemble, base, convert and paint him to be as similar as possible to the images below while having a big gut, some fat arms and big teeth (so basically a hairless ogre head with eye scar and goatee is fine).

I would like custom weapons, as you can see from the images below, but they don’t have to be exact replicas…And they shouldn’t just be painted ogre bull weapons either…I’m referring to the fine line in between: take any monstrous infantry weapon that looks as close as possible as the reference, greenstuff/plasticard it up a bit, and magnetize it so that I can swap the character loadout.

For the base, a dramatic earthquake or lava abyss would feel dramatically appropriate (feel free to give me some photos of your bases or of resin base retailers online if you’ve got ideas).

I now give you inspirational images!


I would pay 50% of the commission price (and materials) upfront to get you started, and I would pay 50% of the commission, the materials and 100% of the shipping cost once I receive the model. This protects us both halfway: you can only run away with half of my money, and I can only not pay you fully for your work halfway as well.


I am Spikes on DakkaDakka and Bartertown (check the bartertown references for some feedback about me.)


I have a budget of 50$ for this magnetized character. You can base yourself on the plastic minotaur torso or any ogre torso you want; just please stay true to the “big angry muscular ogre” concept.

Note: I do not provide any materials; I only provide payment for the job, the materials needed and shipping… You must acquire/possess the greenstuff, base, magnets, bits and materials to make the model and its weapon/equipment loadouts.

How much time do you think would this commission take you?

Thanks, and I await your reply!