[Archive] Community Awards- 2012 Winners


Officially, here are the  the winners for the Chaos Dwarf Online’s 2012 Community Awards:

Best General - Grimbold Blackhammer
Best Attitude - Kera Foehunter
Best Overall Member - Willmark
Best Contributor - Baggronor
Best Hobbyist �?" Tjub

I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to send in nominations and took the time to consider your fellow CDO Members.

We will be awarding medals shortly (i.e. once they are created) so people can have more swag for their online handles.

Also congratulations to everyone who was nominated as well.



Fifth year… :o Thanks!

Thommy H:

I think there should be a limit to how many of these this guy’s allowed to win. US Presidents only get two terms, right?

Kera foehunter:

I did win female best with an Attitude

i did win female best general

i did win female best overall member

i did win female best Contributor

i did win female best Hobbyist

Metal for these please

but it been fun great big hug for you guys that voted for me

next is the golden hat where i will go toe to toe with you all again .

T- jub i see this contest has age you boy 30 look old to me


Congrats to the winners and nominees!!! Greatly deserved.

A drink for you this Easter weekend. :slight_smile:


Gratz to the winners and nominees!!!


Congratz to all of you, keep the community breathing and don`t turn to stone to soon.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Thanks to everybody! Cheers!! :hashut


Congrats to all winners, well deserved!

Here is my mail for the contribution, not the winners but I’d thought i’d share it.

Here are my nominees.

Best Attitude -

Zanko. Keeps updating his blog of awesome miniature and his collection is stunning, he might not be the best painter but that doesn’t stop him from entering almost every Golden Hat and every other painting competition (including the Brush). His remarks are always well spirited and positive.

Best Overall Member -

Clam. A stunning Painter who keeps surprising us with supurbly painted models, and in his love for painting he inspires us all with his monthly Brush slave. Both these factors make CDO a site/forum to keep checking as he makes sure there is something new at least every month. And then I haven’t even said anything about the fact he gave us (classic/non big hat) chaos dwarf lovers a few awesome new miniatures that go so well with our collection.

Best Hobbyist -

Bas_2312. Every blog he keeps updating here at CDO is stunning and full of conversions, his Halfling empire army might not me very chaos dwarfy but his stunning Ogres all sculpted to look like very big chaos dwarves make well up for that.

hope it helped.

kind regards,


(so I’m not saying I disagree, just for the completeness of the internet and such)


Nicely stated, Bolg.


Congratulations to all the winners! :hat off

@ Bolg: Thanx a lot for your kind words! :cheers



Congratulations everyone!


Well done to all the winners - maybe honourable mention to all those members who have assisted in the campaign for LOA FAQs and various clarifications thorughout 2012 by contacting forge world / GW



Congrats to all winners!


Congratulations to all the winners!


Congrats to everyone! :slight_smile:


Ok so after some delay we should have some medals shortly.


Once again apologies I should have these loaded and awarded tonight.


Ok so for real this time I got them uploaded.