[Archive] Community Awards Winners 2009


Although this isn’t really needed for those who voted, for those who didn’t vote here are the winners of the Community Awards 2009.

Best Attitude �?" Loki

Best General - Swissdictator

Best Overall Member - Grimstonefire

Best Contributor �?" Mattbird

Best Hobbyist �?" Tjub

Get job everyone, and well done to everyone who got nominated.

As soon as we are able we will be handing out the medals.

I would like to say thankyou everyone who voted for me (and nominated).  I may not have been contributing much (if anything) in certain areas, and some ‘contributions’ I would rather forget, but overall I think I have done pretty well.  I was a very busy staff member in 2009 as well, making a hefty contribution behind the scenes that way (not that we were voting for that reason).


Congratulations to the gems of our forum! Special congrats to Tjub (because Hobby is the most important section for me ^^): Well you know, with this title, you also get a big responsibility, never stop to make cool miniatures!

Cheers guys! :cheers


Thanks all! Jepp, I agree that I should spend more time on my CDs, too much work, real life and 15mm WWII in between. But Im slowly finishing the warrior unit, and Ive been working on something new cool too that Ill update with soon. Just the usual lack of time… :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: …and ofcourse congrats to everybody who got nominated as well! Good work all! :slight_smile:


Congratulations to all the worthy winners! :hat off



Congratulations to winners :slight_smile: :hat off


Congratulations to all the nominees and winners of the Community Awards they are all well earned, I would also like to send a massive thank you out to every one that nominated me and voted for me for best Attitude it means a lot :smiley:


Congrats to all of you - glad to see that my favorites won something for a change :smiley:


Same as the others said, aka congrats! ^^


Merry cup polishing to all.



Indeed congrats folks. As an aside the new medals are ready and as soon as we straighten out the previous ones we will be awarding the 2009 ones.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Thank you all who voted for me. I made #2 and #3. Although i didn’t place first, the honor was in the fact that I now know I am a valuable member of this site. Thank you all again!


Thank you, and thanks to those who voted for me!

Congratulations to the other winners.


Medals are up now but will need a bit of tweaking as I get more time to do them.


I’ve improved the medals for 2009 Community Awards so they fit a bit better then the current ones. I’ll load them tonight.