[Archive] Compiling list for rules upgrades


I’ve been busy today trying to assemble a list of all the various weapon, armour, profile and special rule upgrades for several armies.  I’ve been doing this for Lord, Hero, Core, Special and Rare.

I want to try and assemble in one place a list of all these things so that it makes it easier for people to design units/characters/armylists and have reasonably balanced points on things.

It’s proving very time consuming and tricky…  So I was wondering if anyone happened to have a moment whether they could take a look at this and see what they think.  If there’s any you can add please do.

The Mounted Weapons and Mounted Armour are the only choices for mounted models, incase it wasn’t clear.

The profile changes relate to modifying something that is the equivalent.  For instance; changing a Dwarf into an Orc, or a Dwarf into a Thane.  It seems to work reasonably well doing Hero to Hero, and Hero to Lord (within 10 points).

The Upgrades beyond profile are basically what would be considered as magic items.

The Context Rules are ones I’m guessing must be there, or certain things bear no relation to their equivalent (i.e. Chaos Knights to Chaos Warriors).  Elite Infantry and Cavalry would be Chaos Warrior/ Knight equivalent.  Super Elite would be Chosen Knights, though I probably could add in a Super elite infantry as well.

If you work your way through this you will find certain parts bear no relation to how things actually work out.  GW do a lot of fiddling on things, but I assume they must have a rough list like this to get things in roughly the right points to start with?

The books I’ve used:

Dwarfs (6th & 7th Ed)



Skaven (6th ed)

HE (6th Ed)

Empire (6th Ed)

O&G (6th Ed)

Storm of Chaos

Thommy H:

You might want to look at this. I’m not exactly sure what you’re doing, but if it’s what I think it is then Avian beat you to it.


Damn you’re quick replying Thommy! I needed to add xls as an attachment type.

I’ll take a good look at that, it will probably help a lot.

Thommy H:

Yeah, I think Avian’s rules will interest you. It covers a lot of this kind of thing.