[Archive] Complete Lack of Bits Online


So im converting a Kdaii Destroyer, Almost done but ive been looking for a head for my Kdaii Destroyer for WEEKS, Looking for a Ghorgon Head or a Slaughterbrute Head or even a Stonehorn head.

But ive come up with nothing.

Can anyone help me to find a head for one of these or something i can use for my Kdaii ?

Thanks :hat off

Time of Madness:

Just go onto e-bay and type “thundertusk head”…Tons of bits on ebay.

CLick me

Time of Madness


Just a hint when your searching for bits on e-bay. Don’t get overally specific, be very broad about what your looking for. Example type Orge Kingdoms thunderstusk. From there you should see everything that falls under that range.


Here you are:


And no, I’m not French :smiley: