[Archive] Complete Video Guide to Converting BFSP Hobgoblins!


These 3 videos detail how I created my own Hobgoblin Warriors from [[BFSP]] Night Goblins.

Part 1 - Trimming and Pinning

Part 2 - Basic Green Stuff

Part 3 - Detailing

Video Series complete!


Nice job! As I said, dark, but good enough later in the vid. If you do decide to re-upload, add a title screen advertising the site.


Grade-A. Definitely looking forward to the rest of the videos! :cheers

Hashut’s Blessing:

Very good. Found the “Where did I cut it?” part amusing :smiley:


Another great modeling video.


good video guide, only problem i have is that the lighting isnt really good enough to see everything in great detail. fortunately i saw your guide with pictures so i know lol

The Slaver:

Superb! ive been using regular goblins with weapon swaps for my hobgobs, but i may have to add a unit of these guys!


While working on part 2, I decided to redo part 1, and combine it with what I was planning for part 2. As soon as youtube stops performing maintenance, I will upload “part 2” which is a new part 1.


Like I said above, the video is now a new, brighter version with more details on the conversion, I will do the real Part 2 tonight. Part 2 will be legs, belly and back. Part 3 will probably be GS details.

I will try to get part 2 up tonight. I do them when I get home from work while the sun is going down and coming into my window. :slight_smile:

Lord Darkash:

fantastic work as ever! Nicely done. only one slight issue, the completed hobbos at the beginning are a bit blurry, i couldnt really see how they looked properly. But thats no biggie!



It’s true, the focus stayed on the warriors in the background. Hehe. I will try to get another up close shot in Part 2.


Sorry, I had to have a good laugh! Damn slow drying superglue!

Excellent job though. I really recommend having a closeup photo next to/below your video to show the end result at the end of that video.


Yes, I think I will, the focus shifted to the background when I was trying to show the conversions off, haha.

Ya, many people seem to have a laugh, so I will boast that I did that on purpose for comic relief. Next video I will showcase quick dry solution maybe, haha. I think it’s funny because we have all been there, when glue just doesn’t want to stick.


Interesting watching you greenstuff. I realise that I use my fingers quite a lot really.

For instance, I would have smoothed out the area on the shield, and the bit on the hunchback just with fingers (a gentle cleaning off of finger prints afterwards).

I’m always impressed you use the GW sculpting tool. I would really struggle to do most of my sculpting with that.


I tend to use my fingers to get an initial shape, then the tool takes over, especially in hard to reach places.

Who thinks Grim should make a sculpting video? raises hand


follows Xanders example, and raises hand to make grim show everyone how to sculpt


Part 3 now online!


thyrk the butcher:

:hat off of to you xander. you put many to shame


I happened to have a digital camera that can record videos, but i think they would be massive downloads, and would need heavy editing.

I’m more tempted to do a photo collage journal thing of how to convert.

I agree though that a video on making armatures and sculpting complete models would be helpful to a lot of people. During my time away I will think about if this is possible.

Anyway, back to Xander.

As always, a great video. Its the nature of detail work that its hard to see, but I think you explained it well.

I’ve thought what it is you need to finish this off, a 360 view (whatever you tech guys would call it) after each stage. If you did this very close we could see all the details.


If I had a decent movie editor I would definitely try that. Right now I record in 10 minute segments and compress the file to upload.

I compress using 15 day freeware, and occasionally edit out a small chunk if I go over time.

The 360 View would be a great idea, and maybe I will look for a more permanent video editing solution.

Grim, if you wanted to do videos, 10 minute bursts are a fine way to start.