[Archive] Complete wolf riders


Finally managed to get some models completed. Not a lot of conversion work, just gave them some Gor weapons. I’m quite happy with the bases.
Let me know what you think.


Look very good. That colour sheme should work well to distinguish them from other greenskins


Goblin versions of Dale Winton! I love it!

The orange skin idea is awesome, if only I hadn’t already started painting my hero green…


Nice orange skin colour, they remind me a lot of those Kobald Goblins from an old issue of White Dwarf.


Very clever idea. Should help with wysiwyg issues.


Awesome. :slight_smile:

Ghrask Dragh:

Hurray orange hobgoblins! :cheers

These guys look very cool, I was looking in White Dwarf 91 and saw some orange hobgoblins and thought its got to be done! You have done some very nice painting here and together with the slight conversions these are my favourite Hobgoblin wolfriders!

:hat off grunts, great work!


vive la difference.great to see orangeskins if you have orcs what colour will they be:~


Love the color, who says greenskins have to be green?


how come no-ones mentioned tango? im still waiting for the quote. but in seriousness i do like these (orange is the best color ever)


vive la difference.great to see orangeskins if you have orcs what colour will they be:~

I'll be leaving the orcs green. I figure that since Hobgoblins spend all their time in the darklands they'd be very pale and wouldn't have the same healthy green glow as other greenskins. (something along the lines of the 40K fluff where orcs are green due to the photosynthetic algae in their biology.)


[wikipedia]Carotene[/wikipedia] pigment for the win.


Thanks everyone for all the positive feedback :hat off

Traitor King:

Heh, how did i miss these?

These are great, its cool to see people experiemnting with differnt colours.


They must eat carrots those pesky wabbits:hat

The Slaver:

Excellent work these. Really good paint job and a good attention to detail. The orange strikes me as a bit to bold and not quite right, bu they are still awsome!



They look like D&D hobbos.

anyway great job:cheers

Kera foehunter:

sweet sunburned hobos !! it look like me when i stay out in the sun too long.

great job grunts


great job, the orange skin realy looks good