[Archive] Confirmed Rumours


Within this thread we will round up all the rumours pertaining to the release of things to do with Chaos Dwarfs, those that are as official as any “official rumours” can be.

This thread will remain locked, for the access of CDO Staff only to update appropriately with new information.

As more and more rumours emerge, this will be the one place people can go for all the up-to-date ‘reliable rumours’ on everything.  

New pictures, rumours, or news will be added as a new post so that these updates will show up if you use the “new posts” feature of the forums.

This first thread will remain for CONFIRMED pictures of models/ art, rules, army list entries or background stuff.  


Nothing ‘official’ or strongly rumoured.

Warhammer Armies:  Chaos Dwarfs will be extremely unlikely to appear in 2009.


Nothing ‘official’ or strongly rumoured.


GW have stated they WILL definately be updated (ref:  Games Day Chicago 2009, Jervis Johnson).


Warhammer Forge will be releasing some new CD figures.

The first of the pics and info I have:

There is another view here:


…and the crew:

Plus something called a Magma Cannon:

from Loki:

"Answers to a few question that I have seen , yes it’s this Christmas that some of the cd stuff will be out by , a book with CDs in will be out march, April time , and about foot troops I can only go on what I heard from the guys on the warhammer forge stand and they said there would be some "



New engineer figure that can be made out in this picture


Warhammer Forge (WF) will be releasing a series of Imperial armour books about Chaos invasions in various directions.  The first book will be based on a westward invasion by a Nurgle Warlord and will incorporate at least some of the CD figures above.  

The cover of the first book is below:


A photo of one of the CD pages from the book:


Better pic of the Engineer