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Does anyone here play Confrontation or know where I can get the rules for it

I love the look of the models, esspecially the norse guys and the Hyena and Wolfen guys.

Im thinking of saving a bit and buying some wolfen and some Hyena guys, mainly for the looks, but hey if i can use them to play a couple games with every once and a while then I will do so.


Be aware that Confrontation is now pretty much a dead game, so you may have trouble finding people to play against. There is a game called Confrontation: Age of Rag’Narok, which is essentially a larger version of the game, but that was designed primarily to facilitate the sale of pre-painted plastic figures and is not yet widely played.

The Rules for C:AoR can be downloaded from here:

C:AoR rules


there is a store near me that is always selling the metal blisters for 50% off. not sure where you’re located, but if you’re interested, I may be able to arrange some sort of purchase/ship thinger. shrugs

I like the look of many of the models too! I have a couple I need to paint up still


there is a store near me that is always selling the metal blisters for 50% off.

Sadly, there is a reason for that.
It's a pity, as Confrontation (3rd edition, not Age of Rag'Narok) is actually a really good game.

Mosk, if you want some Wolfen I may have some at home I could part with for less than Rackham sell them for.  Not sure about shipping though (I live in New Zealand if that helps, which it probably doesn't).


Lol well wallacer we will see, There is a hobby shop about 10 mins from my house that I have not been to for a while mainly cause the store owners is not the most pleasant person, but they carry the figures, and I am more interested in the figs, and also my brother bought a few figs and wanted to play.

Do you have rules for the 3rd edition?


Oh Wallacer I would buy figs off you if it would not be overly expensive to ship. I am in Utah, United States


Do you have rules for the 3rd edition?

The rules came in 2 forms. There were the small "get you started rules" that they put in the blister packs, then there was the proper hard cover rulebook.
I do have the smaller rules that came in the blister packs (which are mostly only useful for the reprint of the critical hit chart in them and some other tables). I had the proper hard cover rulebook but I sold it to buy Chaos Dwarfs with :rolleyes:

Not sure what shipping to the U.S. would be. I'll box up the figures tomorrow and find out.

Kera foehunter:

are they not putting out a new line of stuff but it plastic???


I have a lot of confrontation stuff and the hardback 3rd edition rulebook I’m very fond of, as skirmish rules for using a small number of figures you can’t go wrong, (gameplay can slow up if you’re using large numbers but it’s swings and roundabouts). Rackham produce some of the best miniatures around but they’ve gone the way of PPP for the miniatures

and the rules are a half-way house between confrontation and warhammer, both options have upset a lot of people. As has been said the metal figs are being sold off at a reduced price and if you can get the 3rd ed book I’d go for it. I’ve got their miniatures in my VC, Nurgle and CD armies.


Mosk, these are the Wolfen I have that I don’t need. If you’re interested PM me and i’ll find out the shipping cost.