[Archive] Constructing Zharr Naggrund


Some of you may have read my recent thread about constructing the temple of hashut

i have now decided that i am going to start the monster project of building zharr naggrund

i already have a few ideas in my head however for this to work, im going to have to plan it properly, so i probably wont start building for quite some time

if anone has any pictures or ideas, please post them here


- Grotsnik


Good luck… Use lots of woods and Plasticard.


do you have any ideas or advice for me

obviously, im going to have to include

the four gates

the temple of hashut

the river ruin


hundreds of ziggurats

lots of mechanical forges

the two paths

the networks of roads and steam wagons

some sort of chaos dwarf homes

quite a few bridges


one thing i will really need help on is the four gates as i really dont understand them and also when on the wiki it says that the two gold and brass paved roads pass over several bridges as why would a bridge have something going over the top, it sort of defeats the point but if it is the other way round then youd have to jump over the bridge to continue walking on the road maybe there is also some way i couldinclude the iron great taurus cages beneath the tempe of hashut


I would have thought Zharr Naggrund as its described in the fluff would be, in 28mm scale, approximately the size of a detached house… :slight_smile:


what exactly is the tower of zharr and is it in zharr naggrund


each of the many levels of zharr naggrund is many hundreds of feet high

i workd it out and if in the warhammer world there were five levels each 300 hundred feet high, the whole thing would be just under 20 feet high

what do you think is the least amount of levels and the lowest each one can be ( in warhammer terms - many hundreds of feet)

Thommy H:

I expect there’s more levels than that, and I expect they’re in the region of fifty to sixty feet high. Either way, you’re talking about building a 28mm scale city. That’s several orders of magnitude more ambitious than pretty much anything ever attempted by anyone involved in this hobby. You may want to restrict your intentions to something that won’t bankrupt you and be the size of your own house: like a ziggurat watchtower, or one of the smaller Chaos Dwarf settlements. Perhaps you could build the Gates of Zharr or something?


when doing research about zharr naggrund i found out that each level is ‘many hundreds of feet high’

Thommy H:

Okay then, but even so it’s going to have to be huge. There’s probably more than five levels.


ive just had an ida, as its obvious that nobody alone can build such a huge city, a group of us could all build a different part of it and then somehow send them to someone and put them all together to form the monster project would any of you be interested in this


If there were enough people I would be interested in helping with a medium sized building or two.  It would have to be at my own pace though, and within the resources I have.

It would also have to be relatively cheap for me to post to you.

I wouldn’t paint them.

If I were you I’d focus on building a gate section from the first level.  That way you could make the first ‘level’ by raising it up about 40cm, then place all these building ontop of the raised part.

Depending on how ambitious you plan to be I think you could make it 8’ by 5’, with the walls going all the way down the 8’.

The section with the buildings on would only need to be about 1’ wide.


It seems to me this time would be better spent making an 8’x4’ (or similar) game board for use at a GamesDay event. Perhaps a greenskin rebellion scenario.

Sketches of what you want would be a good first step.


i dont really understand what you’re getting at

Thommy H:

He’s saying that trying to build the entirity of Zharr-Naggrund isn’t really realistic, and that, if you want to spearhead a major terrain project, you should have it be something large but feasible - such as a game board of arbitrary size that represents part of the city.


cmon though it would be amazing if the whole city was created and if we did it as a community then games workshop would have to give us some recognition they’d probably even put us in white dwarf

Tarrakk Blackhand:

I’d agree with Xander on this one. Find “THE BEST PART” of Zharr Naggrund, the part that really interests you the most and start from there.

I’d imagine that you’d want to build this in the same way people build model train layouts. So the first thing you’ll need is five 1"x4"x 8’ long wooden boards, 1 sheet of 4’x8’x1/2" thick plywood and three 2"x4" x8’ boards. You’ll also need some lag bolts, T nuts and screws for putting it together and a saw for cutting the boards. Don’t forget to buy a few sheets of 2" thick styrofoam as well.

You want to examine your sheet of plywood and find out which side is the finished side. This would be the one that looks like it was sanded down and has the least ammount of slivers on it. You want the fine side to face up.

Next, you’ll want to find the cross points of the 4’x8’ by measuring 4’ down on the 8’ section and 2’ in on the 4’ section. Draw a line down the 8’ length and another across the 4’ length. You’ll need a tape measure for this.

After this, you want to use the 1"x4" to frame the sheet of plywood. Take the 1"x4" boards and use two on the outer 8’ edges of the sheet of plywood. Screw them in place from the top of the plywood sheet down into the top (Thin edge) of the boards. You’ll have to flip the Plywood sheet over.

Following this, you want to measure the distance between the 1"x4" boards along the 4’ width of the sheet of plywood. It’s going to be a size under 4’ and you’ll want to cut the 1"x4" boards to fit inbetween this measurement. Screw these in to cap the ends of the Plywood from the top of the sheet of plywood like you did for the 8’ sections.

Next, you want to measure the width of the center sections. These will be your braces to support the weight of the table at the middle of the sheet of plywood.

Start at the 8’ length. Measure the new distance. It should be under 8’. You want a 1"x4" to fit in the middle of your table. Take a board and cut it to the new measurement. Screw it down to the plywood along the 2’ line you drew for it’s center.

Finally, you want to cut the cross braces. These will follow along the 4’ line and two more at @ 1/2 way between them.

You’ll need to measure from the inside center of the boards and cut down a 1"x4" to under 2’ so that it fits between this spot.

You know what? I’m going to stop trying to type this and just post this you-tube video :


It shows sort of what I’m talking about. I think they used too many cross braces. I think they are making some elevated pieces with the plywood and a jig saw. Instead, use the styofoam.


He's saying that trying to build the entirity of Zharr-Naggrund isn't really realistic, and that, if you want to spearhead a major terrain project, you should have it be something large but feasible - such as a game board of arbitrary size that represents part of the city.

Thommy H
Yes indeed.

No one is likely to join what they feel in an unfinishable project.


yeah exactly my point if a group of us did something like this we could then put the pieces together and have one amazing scenery piece which is actually lots of smaller ones


Which doesn’t seem feasible, as most are saying.

Of course, people are welcome to do this with you. What myself and others are saying is that your project will get more support if people think that the project can actually be completed.

I currently don’t see that happening.