[Archive] Conversion Projects by Willmark


I thought about putting these in the Conversion threads in the Hobby section, but the scale is a bit bigger.

First was the patio/walkway for the front of the house. I had to dig down about 14-16 inches. Needed to go that deep because of frost during the wintertime (which will be here all to soon). The first two picks are as I was nearing the completion of the project. And no, the sledgehammer doesn’t have any special abilities I’m aware of.

I took pictures from the very start of the project and will actually be posting about it on my blog but wanted to share with you all what I was up to this summer. I did it all myself and kept the cost low. Just had to buy crushed stone and sand for the base. I did put in four french drains from the front of the house but that was more of a sub-project to this. Very good drainage from the patio/walk and front of the house now.

The surface is simply field stone I found that I leveled to make a roughly uniform surface.

Strangely Mrs Willmark was dead set against allowing me to line the path with chaos dwarf statuary, I wonder why? Seemed like a great addition.

Next up is my current project. I know it looks like some sort of chariot… its a disguise however. It’s a John Deere lawn cart for my lawn tractor. I’ve broken it down even more since this photo and have sanded it. When I originally got it only needed a new tire but I figured what the Hell, do a full restore.

Now I’m onto priming and repainting it. My Dremel and vice grips have been very useful on this. A great tip for rusted part? Let them sit in a small tub of vinegar for a week, works wonders.


This sort of work is most rewarding when it works out well. Good luck. Very good tip on vinegar bath against rust! Vinegar instead of water was by the way what Hannibal’s army used on fire-heated rocks to crack their way through a section of an Alpine pass on their way to Italy.

Still, Perhaps a 1:1 petrified Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer Prophet on a high pedestal hidden behind one of those saplings? It’ll grow to a big tree one day, so the statue will be practically hidden! :stuck_out_tongue: