[Archive] Converted CD Sorcerer

Border Reiver:

I made this guy a few years ago when I wanted a third sorcerer in my force.��I used set of plastic dwarf legs, a chaos space marine sorcerer torso, a beastman charioteer arm and green stuff for the robes and beard.��

Unfortunately, I don’t think he fits with the overall Big Hat look I want for my army so he doesn’t get used much.


Pretty cool though! Nice work on the beard. :slight_smile:

Uzkul Werit:

Still looks pretty good and he’d fit right into a masked army.

Border Reiver:

I prefer Hats though…


I really like the mask/helm and the staff, cool man

The Slaver:

Well, i was looking for a more evil looking sorcereror, and i think i just found it

Pyro Stick:

I love that chaos space marine sorceror. The beard could probably be a bit longer.

Father Grumpmas:

The Chaos Squats live!

He looks pretty cool - nice and spikey.


What is the head from?

Border Reiver:

One of the Chaos Space Marine sorcerers, can’t remember which one.

Thanks all for the complements. At some point I will try to post some of my minis in the army forum.


The mask reminds me of Sauron of LOTR, great mini indeed!


Think we all love Big Hats here! - but you are probably right about “not fitting in”:mad

But it’s one great sorcerer you got there after all - and would fit in any masked, helmed or combo army - so thanks for posting it after all. Think I might steel this one!


What is the head from?

One of the Chaos Space Marine sorcerers, can’t remember which one.

Border Reiver
It’s this one