[Archive] Converted Chaos Dwarfs (WIP)



Chaos Dwarfs were my first ever Fantasy army back in the day and i now regret selling them off cheap as a kid. Anyway the CD bug has seeming bitten me again.

A few weeks ago i tryed converting up some BfSP Warriors into Chaos Dwarfs (No silly hats though) and forgot about them until now.

Below are a few pics taken when i first done them, i’ve done a little more tidying to them since (Beards and hair)

I lack the skills to make scale armour, so I’m just going to run with chain instead.

My Green Stuff skills are lacking, but im pretty happy with these so far… just another 38 to do.

Comments welcome.




Good stuff! Greenstuff skills come with practice so keep trying and don’t be afraid to attempt scales!


Good stuff! Greenstuff skills come with practice so keep trying and don't be afraid to attempt scales!

Seconded! Scale-armour is actually pretty simple to make once you get the hang of it. There should be some tutorials floating around this site, but in short:
  1. Apply green stuff evenly to the area. Not too thin, not too thick. A matter of trial and error here.
  2. Draw squares with a sharp modeling tool or hobby knife. Try to keep them all the same size. You will most likely have to redefine these cuts while doing the next step.

The trick with the final part is applying just the right amount of water to your modelling tool. It needs to stick to the green stuff enough to be able to "pull" or "drag" on the green-stuff, but also needs to release when you want it to and stay smooth.

If you apply a too thin layer of green-stuff, you'll just pull the green-stuff off of the model when you try to create the scales. So if that happens, apply a thicker layer next time :)

You can also search for Sparrow's army log for a different way of making scale mail armour. Not sure if he really did a tutorial, but I remember one picture that shows very clearly how he does it. It does seem more time consuming however, but it may suit you better.

I personally feel scale-armour is one of those things that define chaos dwarves: Scale Mail, Curly Beards and Big Hats (or masks).

Either way, keep up the good work and get out there to enslave the lesser races!

Edit: One more tip. When you do the beards, grab a sharp pointy tool (the GW standard tool works fine), and stab at the bottom of your beard and round it out slightly. This makes it look more curly. I'm not sure if that makes any sense to you :D Otherwise look at my blog to see what I mean. Half-way down the first page is a picture of some blunderbusses that show what I mean pretty well.


Thanks for your replies and tips, i’ll try the scales out once i get the feel for the beards right.


From what I see so far, I think they’re pretty good. :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

Sweetie , If you can make the chaos dwarf beards

Scale armor is not hard, it just take practice… it quite fun

now hands and feet are my down fall


whats silly about 4 foot high multicoloured pointy tipped hats? :slight_smile:


whats silly about 4 foot high multicoloured pointy tipped hats? :)

Yes quite correct.. nothing silly about them lol. On a plus note i have tryed the scales, once painted i think they'll look quite nice.

Also been using Skull from Beastmen Frame as masks/helms to break up the over all look. Will post something soon.. so long as another project doen't smack me to finish them instead.