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Hi guys,

im new to these forums but some of you may know me from Druchii.net. Anyhow i have recently converted the below lord as a break from converting my druchii characters, i thought i would post it here to get your opinions, i may get the BFSP set and convert them as a little project but the druchii will always remain my favourite. anyhow on to the pics:

the model was based on this dwarf lord:


C&C welcome



It looks really cool. Shame the pictures are a bit blurry! Well done!

Dawi Zharr!

Traitor King:

I like it from what i can see, the pics arnt great.

the shoulder spikes look sweet though!


I really like it! Add some teeth, and it will be awesome.


thanks guys,

i’ll try get some better pics tomorrow so as you can see it better, im also after a better axe head i may just make 1 from scratch, if your interested i’ll put up links to my converted Druchii characters to.



Oh nice job!!! The beard’s looking really good.

Give him a mask! Go on! You know you wanna! :slight_smile:



Wow very nice and original :cheers

Great work on the GS, no need for a mask I think.

Now go and paint him…



I always enjoy links to conversions. :smiley:

The Flying Beaver:

This is an excellent conversion. I’d have never thought of using the pistol-holding dwarf lord. Welcome to the forum Maelstrom!


Excellent, what other parts did you use? I would certainly appreciate links to your Druchii conversions. I’ve always admired Druchii.net as a forum but I only have limited posting time and tend to concentrate on only 1 or 2 at a time

Ghrask Dragh:

:hat off

Nice GS work! Really like the beard and nose some tusked teeth would be nice though! The spiked trophy-racks are a nice touch too and the axe handle looks awesome!!

Hope you do countinue with Chaos Dwarfs your obviously good at converting!!


I like it and look forward to some better pics.

And as said before give him a mask or some tusked teeth and - mayby - a big hat :hat