[Archive] Converted Spirit Hosts


for those of you collecting or wanting to collect a Vampire Counts army but do not like spirit hosts,( like me) i have a imple way to work around this,

i used cut out wood for bases, dont think its legal for tourny games but for house games :slight_smile:


I hate the average spirit host too.

How are you going to paint them? Im working on something similar.


they look good so far.


Perhaps you could convert them to show how they died. I know they’re spirits and not zombies, but i think there are headless spirits etc


lol Ya i do not know how I will paint them, do you have any ideas?

Hashut’s Blessing:

As far as I know it is legal for tournaments. Alternatively, you could buy some 40 by 40 bases…

I agree that the spirit host models suck. I’d suggest a similar method as the Undead in LotR, but maybe paint the shields and weapons a little more solidly (after all, they can attack mortal men)…


Good idea, ya I will make the weapons look real …

Hashut’s Blessing:

It just brakes up the mononty, but if you did the clothes well, it’d be too much… Consider painting the helmets and/or armour normally as well if it still looks too plain.


Perfectly legal as long as they’re clearly spirits. Paint em like the Army of the dead for LotR