[Archive] Converting a bale Taurus


Hey everyone,

Has anybody tried converting a bale Taurus? I was making a manticore kit and it looks like it could nearly work. What have you guys done? Other option is to take the hit and get it from forge world.



Check out my blog, check my signiature. First page has a table of contents.

I made my Bale Taurus from a toy bison, ghorgon horns, phoenix wings, dragon wings, wire, greenstuff and plastic card.


I have started to build one from scratch, politically it is still being built, reality is that as a project its seriously stalled


Might be of slight help:

28mm/30mm Moscal General on War Bull 28MA0029

i bought years ago this bull from scibor miniatures, doesnt really need much of conversion, but the price might be a bit high (quality is insane tho)

my other one is just the failcast from the gw store they made together with lamassu