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Hi all,

I’m looking to convert the following hero into a bsb. The idea was to chop his axe off and replace it with a plastic banner.

The problem I’m running into is deciding on what plastic banner to use as the base of the conversion. I also don’t want a banner that’s going to be huge and of a larger scale.

I like the following banners but can’t make a decision.

- New Marauders cav banner

- Chaos Knight banner

- Beasts of Chaos banners

Anyone have any input into the decision?

Time of Madness


What are you going to use as the banner pole?, i use a Balloon Whisk as the metal is very strong and the perfect size and are very cheap if you go the basics route - UK Roys and Sainsburys

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For banner poles I always use brass rods. Never heard of this balloon whisk…must be a Eurpopean thing :wink: haha

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Time of Madness:

Ok after some searching on the net, I discovered what a balloon whisk is.


Can you tell I’m not a chef.

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