[Archive] Converting service


I hope this post is ok with the rules.

People ask me from time to time to convert or sculpt something for them, so let’s make it official :wink: Drop me a PM or post in this topic if you’d like me to convert some minis for you, the price depends on the complexity of the conversion and time that i’ll have to spend doing it (i try to be as reasonable as i can, so don’t worry).

If it’s a small order (like a few converted heads) i’ll do it and show you the pictures before you pay, so if you’re not satisfied you can change your mind.

If it’s a big order (like 10 heavily converted minis) i’ll make a test model or two and show you the pics before you decide.

Some examples of my work (some are quite old and i’ve learned a lot since making them):


Hrothgar Goldgreed:

I can heartily recommend this service, Khunag sculpted the Halfling you see there (the one on the chair) and I’m very, very happy with the figure. I also think the price for not only the Halfling, but other bits he has sold me are close to a bargain.

Anyway, this sounds really interesting. I’ll write down the conversion work that’s on my list but currently lack skill for … then I shall have a disussion with you :hat off


Thanks for the recommendation Hrothgar :cheers