[Archive] Converting "The Decapitator"


In the dark eldar codex, there is a character from another world known as “Kheradruakh”, which translates to “He who hunts heads” and im trying to convert him- He’s like a mandrake, but with a blade as big as him. Im trying to think of ways to convert him.

Being that the people here make amazing chaos dwarfs, i’d love to hear any advice on making this shadow-man.


How about an epic Bat’leth?

Something like this?

Thommy H:

For a starting point, what about the guy in the middle of this unit?

Also, potentially:


I like the guy in the middle of that unit- It looks like i might have to give that a whirl.


Haven’t seen those Nihilators before - but the are awesome. Looks very much like the Citadel Githyanki - but they are so hard to find. So I’ll definitely have to try and find some of these.

Thanks, Thommy :smiley:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Thommy H: Can you give us the link for those, please?

Thommy H:

The first unit is made by Privateer Press: some Skorne from their Hordes range. The second is an Anima Tactics figure. Google should take you there.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Thank you kindly, sir.