[Archive] Cool Conversion - Beastman in Power Armour



I love this conversion so much I had to post it here. What a perfect conversion. Those legs look so good, and I am sure a similar method could be used to make Bestigors or something. The legs kind of remind me of Black Orcs, but ya, this thing rocks.

:hat off

I’ve put this in the off topic section since it is well, pretty off topic. :stuck_out_tongue:


Love the legs! They look so… natural? Yeah, that’s the best word for it. It doesn’t look like the hooves are just breaking through armour, it looks like they’re actually part of it. very cool.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

The legs are quite impressive! I can’t really figure out what he used… hm, maybe some Tau parts.


New Tau Stealth Suits.

I’ve build some Bloodletters the same way with some guys in the shop, since in 40K Bloodletters also have a 3+ save, hence the marine armour with bestial bitz and huge axes.




The new stealth suits are good, nice beastman conversion.

Traitor King:

'tis a fine model indeed.

What the hell happened to its base though?

I think Spawn made a beast-marine it was in his army blog on the 'stone, ill see if i can get him to post it in this thread for you.