[Archive] Core Competancy 2008. Chicago


This tournament was about the fluffy side of things. So I went with a slaveless list. We even had to write two or more paragraphs of fluff. I knew my first game was against DE’s as I challenged the player as I had never played her before so my fluff included a blurb about going after some of the best slavers in the world for slaves. We also had a minimum of 900 pts of core for 2250 lists.

Pre-tournament ruling: Bull Centaurs use weapons ala centaurs: so xhws give extra attacks. Based on Direwolf.

My list was:

Lord on Great Taurus

Black Hammer of Hashut

Armor of the Furnace


Chaos Dwarf Hero BSB

Armor of Gazrak, Talismen of Protection.

Lvl 2 Sorcerer

2 scrolls

Lvl 2 Sorcerer

Staff of Sorcery.

25 Chaos Dwarfs

Hw/Sh, FC

25 Chaos Dwarfs

Hw/Sh, FC

24 Chaos Dwarfs

HW/Sh Std/Mu (BSB’s unit)

14 Blunderbuss (Sorcerer unit)

14 Blunderbuss (Sorcerer unit)

6 Bull Centaurs

Hvy Armr, Extra Hw




Game 1 vs Tanya’s DEs. My Win.

I was seemingly unable to kill that stubborn corsair unit… it seemed destined to survive. I can’t seem to remember exactly how my Great Taurus performed, but I seem to remember him doing alright.

My Bull Centaurs did quite a bit that game, I remember in the end they broke a unit (dark riders? I can’t remember) after charging in bringing down 15 or 18 attacks (I think 15 as I think one had died) and over ran to the Sorceress on Dark Pegasus. Blunderbuss did rather nice.

Game 2 vs Mr. Humphrey (or am I getting the name wrong? Please forgive me if I am, I’m bad with names) and his Empire. My loss.

This scenario had all his stuff -1" movement. My CD’s were largely unhindered except Bull Centaurs and (worst of all) my Great Taurus.

He got first turn, two cannons balls through Earthshaker killing it. Uh oh… it’d been beautiful in this game.

Great Taurus failed to break some knights that it charged, but it did some damage before taurus killed and general broke.

Highlight #1: I kept silencing the Helblaster with the one spell that shuts down warmachines.

Highlight#2: : Magic missle into Helblaster.6 hits. 3 on crew 3 on machine. 1 Crewman survives. I say “S4 can still wound the machine on 6’s… right?”… and I roll 3 6’s. My opponent and I toasted our sodas to that.

Highlights#3-??: My opponent, never having played Chaos Dwarfs didn’t know what to expect when two blunderbuss units opened up on his big block of spearmen w/ detachments. I remember him saying “There’s more?!” when I started to roll for the 2nd unit.

Those danged spearmen survived with 1 guy and a couple characters.

Hippies fled into a detachment who went away avoiding me.

One surviving crew man went bezerker into me.

Game 3: vs Robert Klemec’s horde Empire. My tie.

Truly the most chaotic game I have ever played in my entire life.

Earth shaker aimed for the middle of his horde drifted right onto Crock Pot and splattered it… also silencing most of his shooting. This continues a trend of ridiculously sadistic drifts.

Another crazy moment had a ton of his units taking terror checks at once from the Great Taurus as they were still largely in/near his deployment zone.

Crazy Moment: Great Taurus flees. Archers 6" behind him. He runs 5" pursuing unit does not run far enough. GT rallies.

My left flank Blunderbuss kept repelling units that charged it, and got one or two nice vollies of doom off.

I can’t even remember all the insanity. I had many toasts to the insanity. This game was a real blast, probably my most enjoyable game with Robert ever… and one of the most enjoyable games I’ve had as it was insane.

On another note this was at the Battle Bunker in Chicago. Most or all of the workers gave me compliments about having brought Chaos Dwarfs, and many people thought it was very cool.

Apparently a lot of people chose me for player’s choice based of theme/appearance/etc. Probably due to people going “Oooh Chaos Dwarfs!”