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Was looking for some advice about how to go about constructing scenic bases. I’ve seen many really nice armies on lava bases and I was wondering how you go about attaching the model to the cork base (i.e. the ‘rock’ that juts out of the lava).

My thought was to first cut the cork to size (to represent the rock) and then stick the rock onto the base. But then what? Do you cut a slot into the top of the cork base to slot the model’s pewter slotta tab into it? Or do you just cut the tab off the base of the model itself?

I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to cut the tabs off all the pewter models since some of them are quite difficult to get off.

Thanks for any help


I would clip of the tab then pin it on the base, it would become really difficult to do with the tab on.


I’d either glue the cork on the base and then pin the model to the cork. Cutting out room for the slotta is real fiddly. Personally I’d cut off the slotta and pin the feet themselves.

Maybe Snotling can give some advice (re: BfsP Shadow mage)


I would follow the Anonymouse route to do this but then again I dont use cork on my bases.

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Check out my PLOG in my signature. I’m using exclusively cork bases for my army.

I take the flat bases (or bases with slots in them if I have to). If they are slotta bases I throw some masking tape over the hole. Once this is done I break off a small piece of cork and glue it to the base.

The clips are then cut off all my models. I will only pin models to the cork if they are large or top heavy. Basic infantry just gets a little small dap of green stuff on thier boots then they get glued down. You won’t have a problem with the model coming off the cork.

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