[Archive] Could these be used as CD?


Could these be used as CD?  I’m not sure myself.  Possibly with some greenstuffed beards…



With a headswap, sure, they’d be great!

Also some new weapons, for wysiwyg.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Aye, without spears and with some nice curly GS beards, these would certainly look nice as Chaos Dwarfs!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Considering you’d have to change the weapons and, for an unstatufied look for them, a head swap too, it depends how much effort you can be bothered to put in. If you want CD sized stone golems, these could work though.

Uzkul Werit:

They’d be tastey for some Immortals, me thinks.


I think just a beard would be enough to make them CD s :slight_smile: and as Uzkul Werit says they would make a sweet unit of Immortals


I think there is merit in these models. The head is easily painted as something metal, ie: as a mask, and some of their champ models already have a hat styled headgear. For those worried about weapon swaps, they do make a unit with hand weapons, including hammers, etc.


Still need beards and maybe mods to the feet.


As already mentioned they’d make a great unit of Immortals, with that stone armour.


IMO with these heads some of these minis look like cool golems!

If you want to use them as a CD you IMO you should remove the complete head and use another one!



Nah, they just don’t look right. Faces look too ‘orcy,’ the feet are wrong and they’re too lightly armoured. Better off going with normal Dwarfs IMO

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

Meh, I don´t like them enough. Rather give me some BfSPs to cut up, tomes down my anti-plastic hate feelings too :wink:

The Brain:

With a headswap, sure, they'd be great!

Also some new weapons, for wysiwyg.

If you play by the Indy GT list regular CD can take spears.