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I want to make a base for my Iron Daemon, but I haven’t got any specific idea. Wood maybe? Or plastic? And where can I find a plastic sheet that is thick enough to make a nice base? I think that the biggest issue are the edges, as GW’s are slightly bent… Anybody out there can help me?


Have you thought about using the enormous Arachnarok base?


being honest no, but it looks kinda squared to me (other than enormous)… The Iron Daemon is a rectangular model. And is not as massive as you might imagine from pics on the warhammer forge website. The base I need is basically slightly larger than a chariot base


If you want a circular base, use 2 beermats they come in all sises (:


Do what i do

1 : Find a photo frame where the inside is just a little bigger than your desired model

2 : take out all the glass or clear plastic

3 : add wood glue to the side of the back board and glue it into the frame (use the little metal holders to hold it in place)

4 : Fill the center with what ever terrain you want (lave rock in my case)

5 : paint it up , paint the border back to give it a professional look.

(mine is rather abit larger as i wanted it for a diorama for games day)

if you want me to post my iron demon attached to the base then please just ask!!!


That’s an interesting idea Fonejacker never seen that done before! I hand make all my bases with a thick plasticard sheet then build the rim with offcuts of sprues. If it’s a display base such as for the iron daemon I then just fill it with plaster.


Or movement trays. They make good bases.


…I think Baggronor’s and Vulcanologist’s ideas are the best so far! Fonejaker, can you post the Iron Daemon attached to your frame please?


I use 3mm MDF cut to whatever size I need. For the edges use the long matchsticks, they are about 3mm thick. You can bevel them or sand them to a round edge, whatever your preference. Must seal them though otherwise water will infiltrate them and they’ll get ruined. for that I put a couple of coats of diluted “Bondcrete”. on them



sorry for the bad photo

Golder Goldeater:

You could make a frame with plastic sprew and then fill it with something
or cover the gap with plasticard or box set card.
Or you could search for a special cardboard and cut bases out of it.
That’s what I normally do.