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Hello everyone,

Does anyone know of a place where one could get some pikes, crossbows and quivers for some miniatures I’m planing on making.


the dwarf hunderer sprue has dwarf sized versions of the quiver and crossbow, or theres the dark elf warrior/empire missle troop boxset, or malitia box set for regular sized ones

for pikes, get a spear, then just use a cocktail stick to extend the shaft:)

Kera foehunter:

Ebay there are guys selling parts of kits all the time. Or if your local gw store rebuy people army you may get them cheep that way. or go to your local store and put a add up saying what you want to buy??


I think Reaper sell seperate weapon kits.


For stuff like that I always go to The War Store. Look in the Empire Handgunner bits section for crossbows, the pikes and such you’ll just have to hunt around a bit.

PS. Kera, there’s an ammo monkey in that section that you reeeeaaaallly must use with your pirates.

Kera foehunter:

sweet thanks X porter!!!