[Archive] Cthulu Rules Tom Meier sculpts


New sculpts from Tom Meier:o Saw these and i think there awesome :smiley:



Hey! A friend of mine designed these.

I used to hang out with John Kovalic at The Last Square in Madison back in the days… before he was famous.


Thanks for the heads up. I assume they’ll be on sale at some point?

I totally want that Buddy Cthulhu. He’ll look good standing beside My Gonorrhea.


Neat. If there’s one thing the worlds needs it’s more Cthulhu stuff.

I still like my Cthulhu plushy.


Don’t like 'em. They’re just cash ins on the popularity of Cthulhu and does nothing to advance the mythos or connect with it. Like the Toyvault extreme cheese plush dolls - Elvis Cthulhu, etc - they have no real significance, IMO. There are some truly original Cthulhu merchandise items out there - such as the plush Necronomicon - that build on the ideas of the mythos rather than just giving Cthulhu a astronaut helmet, punk hairdo or whatever.

Thanks for the link post though.


Yeah… Have to agree with GRNDL on this one…