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Hi everyone, heres some pics of my new army. I am using them in a tournament in November - Last year they allowed ravening hordes, but this year it is out. I was going to use them as regular dwarfs, but the new warriors of chaos rules on the gw site fitted them even more perfectly - the giant is a steampunk kollossus (with his minder taking him for a walk) and the  chariot is cool! The centaurs will be chaos knights, but are made from cut down empire horses, green stuffed cow tails, cut down chaos warrior bodies, greenstuffed onto the horse (now cow) body,

Hope you like them, please comment


2017 Image Salvage


The big pics and way of posting make them a bit hard to watch.

Other than that they look nice and original! :cheers:


I’ve fixed the layout a bit in the post.


Whoa, nicely done! Is that a Kollossus? Wicked Spider Kart thing! I can’t wait for more!


Nice Curly. looking great. If I could suggest something, maybe contrast the blue and purple a little more? Sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between the colours and see the definition.

But I agree, nice chariot! :slight_smile:


by making your blues more towards the yellow spectrum and making your purples more towards the red spectrum, you will make those two colors easier to differentiate.

Without doing that, you are too heavily in the blue to red spectrum with no complimentary colors. Now, if you’d like to keep the purple and blue as you have it, you need need to add some medium oranges to your model.

on the color wheel, orange is the complimentary color to blue while yellow is the complimentary color to purple. Without those complimentary colors, the model tends to look a bit flat.

the conversions are nice looking and the paint job is done well, just a bit of color application and blamo, you will have an army that jumps out at you…

adding some silver/metal colors to those wheels would make those jump as well.

all in all though, a very nice job.

Hashut’s Blessing:

All looks very nice, good copnversions throughout. I’d like, very much, to know how you made each ting in a little more detail, if possible, please. I love the purples, but two tips: use daylight for taking pictures (these are dark, which makes the blue and purple blend more than they do) and add a lighter colour somewhere, perhaps. It might be nice to see a chain around their neck’s or maybe add in a slight hint of lighter beard colours or something. Just to brighten the models a little. Still, brilliant job!


Great work, thanks for sharing!

Kera foehunter:

great stuff bull centaurs cool spider pulled wagon

Evil Fordy:

Wow i relly like these how did u get that purple ? was it finshed with blue ink??


Definately a fresh take on the color scheme.


really cool but why would they leave out chaos dwarfs they cant really because they are an official army with rules and models so they cant possibly leave them out


Hello all,

thanks for comments. It seems that all tournaments these days are not allowing CDs, GW have done similar with the support of 40k armies too. If you are new, you can’t buy a cd codex anywhere and you can no lon ger download it from GW online. The conversions:

1. The sorceror - BFSP Cannon operator with ball- - new beard as per xander. Ball painted with blue paint/ white lightning (not the cider!) marks and then gloss varnished to look like a glass ball. He is mounted on an upturned base, held by BFSP troll -with rock removed. The troll is piloted by a grot i had lurking in my bitz box and he nut and bolt hammer he is holding reminded me of the elephant riders of old who would drive a spike into their heads if they frnzied. A chain from newlook connects the driver with the troll.

2. The chariot - a CD earthshaker chassis with deathrocket crewman piloting, and modified BFSP cannon crewman at bthe rear, again modified a la xander. Driver holds a piece of the newlook chain necklace which looks like a bouble whip. The chariot is connected to 2 old spider rider spiders via the newlook chain.

3. Giant/kolossus - WH40K Imp Guard sentinel legs, small tube of plasticard with greenstuff spring into Earthshaker cannon. Lugs make good mounts for arms- sections of sentinel legs with dark eldar blades. Hat is earthshaker charge. head is modified chaos marauder banner top. Sentinel exhausts at rear, more newlook chain connects the arms and legs - I wanted it to look steampunky, similae linkage to that found on the steering of traction engines. Connected via newlook chain to ‘puppy walker’ an earthshaker crewman, I wanted him to be a bit like a forward artillery observer, guiding the heavy stuff into battle.

4. Chjampion -BFSP lord, skull head from Dryad sprue set. Hat from a thumb tack and GS. Arm relaced with old chaos warrior large axe, mounted on ‘Giant’ stone.

5. - bull centaurs- chaos warriors sliced in two ajust under arms and glued onto empire horse bodies - tails removed, ridges above spine at rear removed, green stuff cow like tail. The capes of the warriors were lengthened using green stuff to hide joins at rear and beards were added to the fronts.

6. Painting - I wanted the colour scheme to be a bit like the polish lancers of the battle of waterloo - it is really simple - liche purple with purple ink, ultramarine blue with blue ink, mithril silver with flesh wash, then highlighted with drybrush mithril silver. Skin is vermin brown, flesh was, then highlighy of bleached bone to give a ‘living in the dark caves’ look.

Hope this helps.



Great kollussus like the theme with the chariots too:hat off

Polish lancers!:o arent they turkish blue with crimson facings and white piping,cords and epaulettes:rolleyes:


Great kollussus like the theme with the chariots too:hat off

Polish lancers!:o arent they turkish blue with crimson facings and white piping,cords and epaulettes:rolleyes:

In the book I have, they are blue and a purple colour