[Archive] Curse of Stone


By the time I get to my sorcerer(lord) I would like to put some of the affects of the Curse of Stone or what ever it was called

and was wondering what every one had in mind? Thinking about GSing his legs to look like stone minimally… Or is that part of the fluff no more?


Or is that part of the fluff no more?

Hrmpf, GW don't care about CDs and they don't devellope the fluff, so it's actuall.
the easiest way to make him look... stoned :), is to drybrush the stone parts with grey, instead of paint it like the rest of the mini. another way would be to use GS. you can give his legs (or whatever... depents on the stadium of the curse) a kind of a crust and sculpt some "singns of time", broken parts on the stone.

once, i had an idea for an old sorcerer, too. he would be completely in stone, except his head, and he would be beared by an ogre! like a puppet! :)
that would be a high sorcerer, completely stoned....
:hat off