[Archive] D&D Thundertusk Boar Desert Of Desolation 9/60


Now I have no idea how many of you do the d&d pre painted minitures stuff personaly I find it a lil bit lame truth be told but then I started looking at the models and thinking to myself not too shabby, Now having got hold of one in particular and messed about cut decapitated and otherwise seen how easy they would be to take to peices myself I wonder if any of you have used them too. Now not to procrastinate but really this is a strange ask. I would love to know how the D&D Thundertusk Boar Desert Of Desolation 9/60 model would copaire size wise with the games workshop boars. As I am hunting for a alternative to the huge headed gamew sorkshop equivalant


I have the star wars pieces myself, and have found them very easy to customize… can’t help you out with boar size exactly, but the pieces are a bit smaller on the whole, though I’m sure if you only used them, and did not put any GW boar models nearby it should look fine! My take on intermixing models is that in reality… there is no standard size of things… always a little variety :wink: