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Da Crusha:

well, I believe it is time to start an army blog, I have been collecting Chaos Dwarves for over a year now and I have used them at only one tournament so far. this is the most recent picture I have of them all together it was taken back in may. since then, they have gotten more paint on them.

[align=center]2017 Image Salvage


Kera foehunter:

what a great picture of your army i like the gnobler ( hobgoblins)

cool idea

Border Reiver:

Nice pic of the army, but do you think you could show some of the units? Other than the Blorcs, gnoblars and the Taurus Lord it is hard to make things out.

Da Crusha:

ok I just took some better pics of my army. my whole army is a work in progress. suggestions are welcome.

my chaos dwarf warriors - I plan on making them lava bases eventually.

my blunderbuss units

my wolf rider(s)

my war machines

my Heros

this is my animosity counter, I plan on making more but its a start.

I have a whole lot more models but this is what I have painted, I ve also painted my Great taurus rider but I cant get to him right now to take pics. I also have a whole bunch of hobgobbos that are put away right now but ’ ll get some pics of them up here soon.


Great army, you have a great collection of the classic models , i really like the blunderbuss units and the bull centaur hero, keep up the great work looking forward to seeing more soon :slight_smile:

Da Crusha:

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Nice to see another classical phreak here at CDO - looking forward seeing them all painted up nicely.

See you are doing a few standard bearers - planning to do any musicians? Would like to here/see you thoughts about such :wink:


I think the only real deficiency in this army, is the severe lack of Big Hats.

C’mon, just do one! You’ll like it! :slight_smile:


Great army! :hat off

… and the best is … no BigHats! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I love the old minis! Brilliant choice! Very cool, simple and effective conversions! Really like them - the big axes!

Your War/Chaos hounds are very inspiring for me! I have to think bout more war hounds!

I´m looking forward to see all of yours painted and ready to wreck havoc on the Old World! :cheers


Kera foehunter:

great army love the old school stuff also cool bull centaur

Da Crusha:

Thanks a lot everybody, Im going to try and dig out some more models soon.

Grndl: no thanks :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Clam: well as far as musicians go, I think I might try to add a horn and have it hanging off of one of their belts. drums involve a lot of green stuff and conversion work, although I do think having one would look really nice. I haven’t really put too much thought into musicians for my cd warriors, but my hobgobbos are definitely going to be getting drums, probably skeleton drums, since they’re plasic models they’re so much easier to work with.

what do you guys think about my bolt throwers? I ve been thinking about adding plates to the bottom of them like shields or something to bulk them up and make them look better, either that or just replace them with a bolt thrower conversion.


No keep the bolt throwers how they are, the swivel gun works really well for this, maybe build up some small earth works in front of them to make them look more dug in than what they are at the mo


Hmm, damn good use of the petards.

Great collection of old Cds, and I totally share Zanko’s sentiments! Damn good head gear!



i like how you have a ork head for use of a helmet for one of your CD warriors in the second pic. this makes me want to go classical CD style.

Da Crusha:

twilight: thanks man

tadae: :~ well, thanks but none of those models has an orc head on the helmet… the standard bearer has a black ornament on top but its not an orc head. but it sounds like a cool idea!:slight_smile:

Border Reiver:

Very good start on the army - although I’m more of a big hat man myself.

I have to say that the BC is a wonderful conversion - are you planning to give him a beard, or will that be an as is thing?

Da Crusha:

Very good start on the army - although I'm more of a big hat man myself.

I have to say that the BC is a wonderful conversion - are you planning to give him a beard, or will that be an as is thing?

Border Reiver
well, I was thinking since I am trying to give my army more of a chaos feel then Im not going to put a beard on him. I think leaving him like this gives him a really menacing look. I am trying to stay in the chaos dwarf theme with more of a demonic twist. I'm actually thinking of converting all of my bull centaurs like that. I would also like to add horns and spikes to all of my Chaos dwarf helms and shoulders pads, I have tons of extra beastmen, dwarf, and chaos space marine horns.

Loki: I don't know I ll have to think about it, Im not really happy with the way the bolt throwers look.

Da Crusha:

CLAM: actually… I was thinking a good solution for command would probably be to use some Norse or Imperial dwarf command and just add horns or spikes… you know I might just do that. I have these dwarf musicians

Da Crusha:

ok I finally got more of my army out
the wings are not glued in yet and are just being held with sticky tack, but I plan on doing this one day. my cousin used to pick up my great taurus, before I got the big wings, and say how the heck does this thing fly? and then he’d make a fluttering sound and move it around like a humming bird.

my great taurus rider

my hobgopbbos with lightt armor and shield

my hobgobbo champions

my naked hobgobbos

my hobgobbo archers

my sneaky gits, I have about 15 of them


Hehe, I must admit that Ive totally changed my mind on using Gnoblars as Hobgoblins. Still think that they are too small, but these are just so cute! :smiley: Thumbs up Da Crusha!