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Da Crusha:

Converting minis is one of my favorite things about miniatures and recently since my gaming group started talking about necromunda it really got me excited about making my own gang. this weekend I borrowed some of my friends minis and played my very first necromunda game at a con and it was a 9 player free for all, I had a blast. it inspired me even more so to begin converting my own gang. so without further ado, here are my first goliath attempts created from models in my bitz boxes.


That sure looks like a great start. Will follow this closely! Sad that i never found anyone interested in Necromunda in my neighbourhood.

Buuut…without wanting to sound too much like teacher, the thread itself should be relocated to the right place (i.e. offtopic showcase).


Have fun converting and playing!!

I love necromunda and an trying to get m game club to start playing as well.

Keep us posted on the progress!

Da Crusha:

Thanks guys.

believe it or not none of the heads here are actually marauder heads. 2 are 4th ed. warriors of chaos heads. and the other 2 are empire militia heads that I have shaved off there helmets, mustaches and beards. a while ago I began doing this to make a shaolin monk unit that never actually took off, so Im recycling the heads.

I plan on sculpting mohawks on everyone, I also plan on magnetizing some of the models at the wrist or top of hand, so I can swap out weapons.

the plastic guns are orc gun bits that were removed when making a blood bowl team.