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Da Crusha:

This is the list I brought to Da Grand Waaagh GT this weekend. we played on the USS Hornet

Sorcerer Lord (320)

Shadow, Level 4

Talisman of Preservation

Chalice of Darkness

Sorcerer (150)

Shadow Level 2

Channeling staff

Black Gem of Gnar

Sorceror (125)

Death Level 2

Dispel Scroll

Chaos Dwarf Hero (114)

Great Weapon

Armour of Gazrakh

Gauntlets of Bazzhrakk the Cruel

Chaos Dwarf Hero (135)


Armour of the Furnace

Iron Curse Icon

Hobgoblin Hero (48)

Heavy Armour +4

Great Weapon+4

40 Chaos Dwarf Warriors with Heavy Armour, Shield, and Great Weapons (515)

Full command and Razor Standard

19 Chaos Dwarf Warriors with Heavy Armour and Shield (201)

Full Command

10 Hobgoblin Wolf riders with Light Armour and Shield  with musician  (140)

50 Hobgoblins,  with mus(110)

50 Hobgoblins,  with Musician (110)

6 Bull Centaurs with Heavy Armour, shield and Additional Hand Weapons  (156)

Champion and Musician

6 Bull Centaurs with Heavy Armour, shield and Great Weapons  (156)

Champion and Musician

Earthshaker with 3 Chaos Dwarf Crew with Heavy Armour (110)

Earthshaker with 3 Chaos Dwarf Crew with Heavy Armour (110)

Lord Choices: 320 pts 12.8%

Hero Choices: 572 pts 22.9%

Core Choices: 1076 pts 43%

Special Choices:  0 pts 0%

Rare Choices: 532 pts 21.3%

Total Points: 2500 pts

well, first game was against orcs and goblins. his army consisted of black orcs, orc biguns, goblins, 2 giants, a chariot, a BSB on boar and general on a wyvern. I felt like I was setting up the whole time and then suddenly the judge told us time was up so I couldnt do my charges., we ended up with a draw and I got 4 extra battle points and he got none. final battle points was 14-10.

second game was against a buddy of mine and he was playing vampire counts. He always got rediculous amounts of power dice because he had master of the black arts on both of his vamps giving him an extra 2 power dice each. he had 3 units of ghouls and a unit grave guard, unit of zombies, vargulf, fell bats, corpse cart with necro and a level 4 and a level 2. He totally killed me and told me I should have deployed in the corner and widdle him down with earthshaker shots. but with his magic capabilities he couldve doubled his army size before I got to see combat. He killed me 21-5.

3rd game was against a guy that wasnt fun to play against. he was demons and brought a greater demon of tzeentch level 4 loremaster with death magic. level 2 loremaster with life magic. 30 bloodletters with herald and 25 plaguebearers with herald on palanquin. 2 units of 6 flamers and 2 units of nurglings. his nurglings charged my bcs with add weapons and took them on after two combats. I killed his Greater deamon on turn 1 with a well placed earthshaker shell and then later took on his tzeentch wizard with pit of shades. I won this one 19-8.

4th game was against ogres. I played this guy before and he had completely smashed me. He has probably the most beautiful army that I have ever seen including white dwarf magazines. his army consisted of high level and a low level butcher, tyrant, BSB, and a unit of maneaters. 9 bulls, a unit of 76 gnoblars, a small unit of leadbelchers, and 3 really big and nasty rhinox riders. so I pretty much deployed towards a corner but had some distance from it because of a forest. I made his rhinox riders get into combat with the hobgoblins while setting up my 2 hand weapon bull centaurs for a flank charge. the Rhinox tear through the hobgoblins really quickly and the whole time he is freaking out about the flank charge my BC’s were going to get. he manages to get through the HG unit right in time and elects to persue but not getting far enough to go off the board. since he kept talking about how scared we was of them, an unwise charge if you ask me, against my better judgement I chose to charge, HE chose flee! his rhinox flee through 3 of my units and get behind my line, so he was bolstering, as soon as they rally they will get a rear charge on my horde unit and we’d be in trouble. I let my hobgoblin hero drop back and face them just in case they dont rally. THEY DIDN’T!!! and kept fleeing, stopping at the edge. my turn My hobgoblin charged them and scared them off the table! over 500 points gone because of a single 48 point hobgoblin hero! there was actually a lot of other good stuff that happened in this game including killing his general by hand, and pit of shades on his maneater unit. I won this one 18-5.

before the game I gave him my army list withh all of the stats of my army. I told him later that he should have stayed and we talked about it and then he realized that the bc’s would have been easy to take on and felt so stupid and was even embarrassed walking by me, HAHA. he said he is still under 7th ed mode and was thinking the BCs would attack first when charging and then also thought they were the ones with great weapons… my conversions were clear!

5th game wasnt as good it was against high elfs and we lost to his toughness 7 regenerating sword masters. do I really need to say more. …well actually I made them Strength 3 at one point.

Here is the tournament results. Even though doing pretty good IMO, I placed pretty low because of all the potential points in paint, I gotta work on that. BUT, I was the cd player with the highest battle score! * head judge told me: theme= Composition


Nice work.

Cheers for the reports.

Good read

richard barby:

are you in the navy ?

looked like a fun weekend. im pleased to see 3 choas dwarf players there

Da Crusha:

no, not in the navy. the USS hornet is a museum now, we just play a tournament in it. the only thing that is kind of lame about it is we don’t usually have enough time to look around because of the tournament. I’ve been there twice already and although I have seen a lot I always felt rushed. as soon as the gaming is over for the day the staff kicks us out.

richard barby:

thats a shame i could just see 30 members of the navy gaming as there sailing round :slight_smile: