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Well as I lurk here an awful lot (what with it being a great site and all) but hardly ever post I thought I should try and put a little back into the Chaos Dwarf community.

My Orc and Goblin army is (will) actually be made up of loads of warbands with completely different themes in an attempt to keep my interest up.  One of these is call “Da Konvictz” and is themed on some jail breaking greenies from the clutches of their chaos dwarf overlords (boo, hisss!).  So the (not entirely legal) 500pts will have black orcs a chariot, some wolf boys and a black orc boss on a boar.

So why the post?  Well I got think about how to chaos dwarfise the wolf boys and I came up with this:

Working on the principle that if I was a chaos dwarf why would I cut my friend Evil Bob up and stick him on top of a bull when I have all these slaves to practice on.  Tried to keep the colour schemes uniform (everything, with the exception of the reds, has graveyard earth in it).  It’s not the most dynamic of conversions as it was my first shot so I kept it easy - also I think I over did the toenails.  Either way thought you might like to see as I don’t see why it couldn’t be used as a hobgoblin wolf rider instead.

Likewise if you were short of Bull Centaurs I thought this might make a suitable equivalent:

He’s actually going to be the black orc boss on a boy.  Think this guy turned out better (yet to paint him obviously).  The only thing I’m not entirely sold on is the tail, but the wolf figures are just so much more dynamic than the boars

Oh, and the chariot will be my tenderiser pushed by an orc boar centaur.  There you go, I finally found a use for the damn thing :)Comments/criticism or abuse is always welcome.

Knight Of Awsome:

lol, i remember you!

You could green stuff more details on the bbs head (or rather bcbb), like horns or something. I wonder what he would look like with deadlocks:o.

Thommy H:

That is some nice lava.

Kera foehunter:

sweet i .like the gobotaur


Excellent conversion backed by excellent painting! I look forward to seeing more of your work!




very nice

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Nifty paintjob! :hat off The conversions are also very unique.


Nice! I might nick the wolf blorc and run with the idea for a boar centaur. In case you’re interested, fluffwise the bull centaurs are the favoured of Hashut who were ‘gifted’ by their god. Boar centaurs are labourers created from prisoners and/or the lower eschelons of chaos dwarf society. Your guys could represent the prototypes (as even the lowest Chaos Dwarf is worth more than a slave). Really nice ideas, I’m looking forward to seeing more


Thanks for the all the nice feedback.  I’m going for a big push on the wolfriders and I’ll try and get the rest done this week as I’m still pondering how bast to paint the black orc.

KoA:  Whatever it was you remember me for, it definitely wasn’t me ;).   You’re right I probably need some appendages added to the black ors.  NOt much of a fan of the assyrian look but I think maybe a long bushy “just escaped” beard might be in order (or though I was considering saving this for the chariotier/tenderiserotier (sic?) orc)

AGPO: Thanks for the fluff I ahem obvioulsy knew that already ahem so it’s good to see my random thoughts aren’t completely off the wall.  The black orc conversion is actually a doddle compared to the goblins as the size fits very well (shows how oversized the wolves are).  Just a bit of chopping and greenstuff fur/armour to taste at the join and you’re done.  Would be great to see yours (for the purposes of colour scheme theft) if you get around to it.


Well I managed to assemble the rest of the wolf boys unit and they’re ready to go for painting.  In the interim I did paint the orc big boss, erm, sorry, bull centaur:

Sorry the photos are a bit dark - he’s not bright but he ain’t this dark either.  I’m not entirely sold on the colour scheme.  This was boltgun metal mixed with scorched brown, dark red and red over a scorched brown washed with black base.

How does everyone else do their dark black and red armour out of interest?

EDIT:  OK, (hopefully) better photos


looking nice, I like the red armour


worships the great wolf centaur tingys

they are awesome concersions, and the painting is even better. I am not worthy to be in thine precence

Kera foehunter:

that’s a great paint job!!nice lava bace


Nice conversions! Those look great!


Excellently painted! I quite like that red.


These are great, the paint job on the wolf rocks. I’m going to use it as a guide for mine… i’ve had some trouble on my own :slight_smile:


Thanks for the nice comments one and all.

Well I finally got around to finishing the wolf rider unit:

All that’s left is the movement tray and maybe a 100% improvement in photography skill!

Comments alwasy welcome - next up I’m taking the knife (and brush)to my tenderiser.

Beware the jail breaking greeny evil stunties… :wink:

PS:  Narflung, if you want to know how I did the wolf there’s a smally guide here (just ignore the greenskin stuff)


awesomeness, I realy like this army, very nice run-a-way greenies, almost makes up for the fact that they need to be hunted down and put back to service post haste.

there’s nothing wrong with you’re photographing skills, there as good as anyones:)

the character in those mutant gobbo’s is great, just the differecne in each one, and the painting is beyond awesome…Like I said before, i am not worthy


the look realy cool. Also a nice idea to make centigobs