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Ok done this monday but only had time to post it today, here goes:

Da Red Grom’itz: Grom reborn

Chatper 1: The Tribe With No Name

In the south of the badlands is misty moutain and at the bottom of thi mountain lives a small tribe of goblins. The tribe has no name for that was lost long ago, so they wait and wait. Some forget why they are waiting and leave to the north to jointhehuge armies of orcs and goblins, but the ones who stay remember which isn’t easy for a goblin (because of the small thick heads). With this trbe lives a goblin shaman named ‘Muka Grum’ his just as old as he is wise (well as wise as a goblin shaman can be) . He reminds the remaining goblins why they wait, for the return of the great Grom the Paunch of Misty Mountain, a legend to goblins all over the world.

One windy night, something from the settalment of goblins let out a loud scream ‘We can take it anymore, me and the boyz are packng and going north’ says the self-appointed spokesmen for the goblins to Muka Grum. Muka grum slowly stands ‘You must not leave, not tonight. The return of grom is nearly here!’ he says slowly. ‘You been saying that for years now, we’er off!’ shouts another goblin at the back. All the goblins leave to go grab there war gear head to the exit of the settalment. When suddenly the ground is slowly coverd in a dark blood red colour. ‘We’er being attacked!’ Yelled the goblins, Muka Grum shouts ‘Look to the sky and see the mighty flem ball of Mork!’ The goblins all stop and look up and see a huge red comet abit north and heading to the east. ‘Mork has found our king Grom and he has returned him to us!’ Shouts Muka Grum. The goblins reform there units and stand befor Muka Grum and say things like ‘What do we do?’ and ‘How do we find him?’ so Muka Grum Tells them they must chase after the comet to find Grom. As soon as Muka Grum had said his last word the goblins were off, heading north to Mad Dog Pass (but not before encountering some emenys on the way).

End Of Chapter 1

Next Chapter: Across the Badlands

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p.s 2 things (1) I didnt do the goblin talk because i cant get it sounding right (2) I shortened it down abit just to hurry to get to the action.