[Archive] Daemon Base Sizes


So, after flipping through the May WD, I fell for the new Daemon army book and I’m glad I did. BUT, it appears that the bases are all screwed up in the Warhammer boxes. I only got round bases, rather than square ones.

Does anyone know what size bases Slaaneshi Daemonettes and the Khorne Bloodletters use?


Id have though 25mm but I’ve not see them in flesh yet


Haha, Is Games Workshop forgetting that Warhammer Fantasy is played with square not round bases :o

25mm was the old base size. I do not think GW would change that in the new army list.


Yeah, its pretty screwed up - not to mention confusing. If you look at the GW online store where they have the spearheads for 40K and FB, the two covers have the same models on the cover, same lettering and everything. The only differences are that the 40k Box has an additional model in it - the Soulgrinder.

I’m not sure if its a massive screwup, or a sign of things to come (Fantasy using round bases, lol!)

After doing some size comparisons with the new models, it appears that they do go on 25mm bases.


I know someone on this site has made movement trays that places round bases models into units (for their daemon army). I guess it would be a cost effective way to have both a fantasy army and a 40K army.


the boxes should come with both 40k and warhammer bases as the set goes with both systems

they both use 25mm bases


well - they propably had only one set of painted deamons when taking photos for boxes :wink:


Complain you might get something out of it.


From GW, fat chance

Father Grumpmas:

25mm was standard for the last generation of bloodletters, plaguebearers, daemonettes, and horrors.

I’m more interested as to the base sizes for the bigger figures. From what I have seen in pictures, bloodcrushers are 50mm but fiends and nurgle beasts are 40mm. My old beasts of nurgle will struggle to fit on a 40mm base.


re: complain, might get something from GW

I’m not sure its worth my time. There’s only like 20 bases needed in the box - thats like $3 Cdn. And if you’re buying GW to begin with, then you take your chances, IMHO. :slight_smile:

Caveat emptor.

re: Large Daemon beasts on which bases…

Yeah, thats a good point. For the time being, I’m sticking to the core troops - the larger models are a ways off. I have an old (horse head) Keeper of Secrets and a Forgeworld one, so that should do for the time being.

I’ll keep an eye out for the base sizes of the other models for you though.