[Archive] Daemon Smith's Denezens of Zharr-Nagrund


Hello all! I thought I’d start an army blog so I could get advice on my minis easier. So here it is!

This army has actually had a previous incarnation. However, I decided I didn’t like the colour scheme (or most of the models!), so I decided to start afresh! Anyway, here is the beggining of the first unit of warriors:


Hmm pics not showing up for me :expressionless:

Did you use the right code thingy?


Same for me cant see any thing :frowning:


It didn’t work because you only typed the image name inside the img tag boxes…

To get it to work, you have to upload the pictures somewhere first…

I recommend using imageshack.us to instantly (and easily/quickly) upload the pictures on their server… and then copy the “direct links” to the images…

finally once you have the direct links (the URL) to the images, paste the URL/link into the space between your image tags.

That’s all you gotta do! good luck :slight_smile:


Sorry, I don’t think I used the right code… I haven’t actually put any photos on the site yet so I’m not sure how it’s done. I will figure it out, promise!


Hey there!

Go to www.photobucket.com, register for an account, and then upload your images there.

You should be able to find a share-function, which should give you the right code to post pictures on forums like these.

Good luck :smiley:

Pyro Stick:

Photobucket guide:


Border Reiver:

And once that’s all done we’ll be here to look, praise and offer advice.


Um, I but the url in but I don’t know if it worked, can you tell me if it did?


No images yet. Are you sure to have copied the code? Because I cannot see the code…


The link to images isn’t correct. Try http://img42.imageshack.us/img42/5411/img0013jq.jpg for the first image


http://img42.imageshack.us/i/img0013jq.jpg  404 Not Found.
What is the name of the uploaded image? of is there a link to an overview of your pics, well help you get it right.

[edit] a Furrie got it right already[/edit]