[Archive] Daemon stuff


Hey guys, dunno if anyone is interested but I’m trying to trade off a bunch of Daemon stuff on bartertown, for the list here’s the link.




hey there!

im interested in the hellflayer… i might have an archaon somewhere arround here, if i havent sold him last year… im not sure.

I will send you a pm as soon as i found him. (or not) oO


Ok, damn. The hellflayer is pending a trade right now, it looks like it will probably end up happening, but damn I want archaon haha. There’s nothing else you want that’s not pending I assume? lol


i searched my whole warhammer stuff, i guess i sold him last year.

sorry dude :frowning:

But i still have this other guy, who is riding a fleshhound. (somewhere around here)